thanks coy

He used to ask me how he could be stronger. Even that night three years ago when he showed up at my door, he asked me the same question. He was in tears, and he didn't want to be that way. He said he was too lost, too weak. "You're too kind," I … [Continue reading]

Sketchy Intentions

changsha city sketch artist

My five-hour wait for the next train had barely started when an old woman entered the terminal and stood in the aisle between me and a couple fast asleep in a sweet embrace. It was five past two in the morning in Changsha City, China. We were the … [Continue reading]

Five-Hour Connections*


We stepped out to the garden almost at the same time. And almost at the same time we placed a bottle of softdrink on separate tables. “Would you mind if I smoked?” I asked politely. “Absolutely not, I’m here for the same reason,” he smiled and … [Continue reading]