The Promil Kid Drops the Bomb

Of all the living things created by God, I love my nephew the most. I call him the Promil Kid. He’s the cutest thing. I’ve always written about him and he has won the love of the people around me even before they met him. I’m starting to think he could be my mascot for this blog. Something like Dexter. 😛

Someday when he’s old enough to discover what I’ve been doing to him, he’ll insist he get paid for every entry I wrote about him. Darn, that’d be costly!

We fight over a bar of snickersI reprimanded him for calling a salesman “hideous?He kicked his school principal for not letting him take home a Sto. Nino displayed inside the churchHe almost dropped the bomb that I’m gay in a family dinnerHe believed the Virgin Mary was Our Lady of Enchanted Kingdom. But he’s someone I can give my life to, and I will if I have to.

Here are some more of my unforgettable moments with the Promil Kid.


I was lying in my bed beside my 3-year-old nephew when he, out of the blue, asked me, “Tito (uncle), do you have a girlfriend?”

“No,” I answered. “Why?”

“I have a girlfriend.”

“You? Really? What’s her name?”

“Tanya. She’s my classmate.”

Suddenly, my phone rang. It was Andre. He was with Dohna and they were asking me if I could hang out with them. Sadly, I was in Batangas so I had to beg off.

After I hung up, my nephew asked, “Your girlfriend?”

“No. It was my friend Andre.”

“Your girlfriend’s name is Andre?”

“Nope. Andre is just a friend. And he’s a boy.”

He looked at me, discombobulated. “Your girlfriend is a boy?”

Ay ewan ko sa’yo. Bahala kang bata ka.

# # #

Two weeks ago, everyone in the family, except me, was having the hardest time dealing with “sore eyes” (pinkeye). Including my nephew. I noticed that he was always scratching his bloodshot red eyes while doing his homework.

“Don’t scratch your eyes. It’ll get redder and redder.” I told him.

“It’s OK. I like red.” He answered as he continued scratching his eyes so hard.

“No, you don’t. You like blue. You never liked red.”

He looked at me, wondering dumbly, “Tito, how do I turn my eyes blue?”

“You can’t.”

He gave me a disappointed look and said, “I like red.” And then he began scratching his eyes again.

# # #

I woke up last Sunday and found my nephew in the living area holding a microphone attached to the mini-component system. My nephew knows how to operate our DVD player, VCR, TV, and everything else. Seeing him, I was shocked and annoyed at the same time. It seemed to me that he was also the one who plugged it into the socket. What if he was electrocuted while plugging it in? I was responsible for him. He could’ve died and I was still upstairs, in dreamland. Infuriated at that moment, I swore I would give him the most terrible nagging he would ever receive from anyone. I was just about to shout at him when he spoke on the microphone so sweetly. “Good morning, Tito. I love you.”

I gave him the tightest and warmest hug, instead.

# # #

At my dad’s third death anniversary dinner, I was trapped in a conversation with my family about not having a girlfriend lately. No one in my family knows about the recent change in my sexuality. Hehehe. It’s been more than two years since I last introduced a girlfriend to them and they were bugging me why I seemed to be not bringing someone home for them to know personally. I just told them that I was busy trying to build a career in the diplomatic field. Fortunately for me, they bought it. They stopped asking and turned quiet. Parang may dumaan na anghel. Whew. Thank God.

Suddenly, my nephew broke the silence. “Tito said that his girlfriend is a boy.”

Oh.My.Gee. I almost dropped my fork. My lower jaw would have gone with it.

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  • OMG that was hilarious. Aren’t little kids great? You can’t LEARN that stuff 😛 He sounds great and its good to hear that you can wince at his comments and still enjoy his company.

    • he may be the most stubborn kid in the universe but he’s my nephew and i looooove him, haha. cheesy.

  • bob

    ahahaha! I’m so loving your nephew. kids don’t know the meaning of “tact”.

    • everybody loves my nephew kaya naman super-brat. spoiled na spoiled. sheltered kid. hindi kaya ako ganun nung bata ako.

      • bob

        hindi ka naman nagsiselos nyan? Hahaha. enjoy it while he’s younger. Pag lumaki na yan di na siya cute and adorable. Irritating na lang. Hehehe.

        I’m closer with my older nephews now that their on their teens. May kasama na ko sa online gaming. 😀

      • hmmm. actually nagseselos ako. haha

      • bagong post? hmmmm.

        busy pa eh. hehehehe

      • bob

        yuck. ngayon ko lang nakita wrong grammar pala ko. Haha. they’re and their. wee. kunwari walang nakapansin.

        sana may bagong post

  • Ken

    *bows down and heralds your three-year old nephew*

    AYOS! 😀

    • he’s smart and sometimes I find that annoying. and cute. annoyingly cute.

  • omigad. cant wait to meet your nephew. hahaha.

    • sabihin nun sa yo, “Are you Tito’s girlfriend?” haha

      • reply ko: umm, no, im not even his friend.


      • a ganun? denying a friend ang moda?

  • “Tito said that his girlfriend is a boy.? – so on the money!

    mom fed me with countless bottles of promil when i was a kid, but your nephew will never outdo me. how much is he again? =)

    • wow, promil kid ka rin!!!

  • Joms

    I wish I had a nephew like him. Hehe.

    • bilhin mo yung saken. haha

  • haha…nakahanap ka ng katapat..ayan!

    • hindi rin. hindi niya ako kaya. di ako papatalo. NYAHAHAHA

  • comic strip na comic strip lang a

    • yoshke

      uy, bambam, napadpad ka. ahahaha.

  • “Tito said that his girlfriend is a boy.?

    – I could only imagine you wanting the earth to swallow you during that time. =)

    • for a moment there, i thought the earth did swallow me. seriously. but then, nalusutan naman.

  • Oh my oh my! where can i find your nephew? i wanna meet him. Hmmmm naughty boy. lol

    • naughty aright! Bilhin mo sya! joke. ehehe.

  • I would want to have a nephew like yours. Hehe. Does he have a clone? Just kidding. =)

    • wala sya clone eh, bilhin mo na lang sya. hahaha

  • uuuy in demand nephew mo yosh! ako na lang dealer, mamarkup-an ko pag may bibili hahaha

    • wag na no, hihingi ka lang ng komisyon. haha

  • wait until the kid grows a little older…

  • dex

    he’s soooo cute hahahah 😀

    • mas cute ako sa kanya no

  • Such wonderful annecdotes with a toddler, very naive indeed! Ang galeng! Hey, y not send these annecdotes to Reader’s digest? Malay mo u can earn Xtra on d side! hehehe

    • naisip ko na rin yan. sige, balang araw. tinatamad pa ako eh. hehe

  • asuhtah

    discombobulated!!! parang name ng isang alien. kumusta yun?

    ibulsa mo na lang ang nephew mo at ilabas mo pag nagkita ulit tayo.


    • kung pede lang no? dapat ma-meet mo siya asta. punta ka bahay! haha

  • smiler. Kids say the darnest things. 🙂

  • kids, how i adore them… until they turn in to little monsters.

    • kids are monsters! adorable monsters!

  • aaaw… namiss ko tuloy yung nephew ko. feel ko they’ll get along really well.. just like us. 🙂 hahaha.

    as for my nephew’s case, i’m blaming too much chucky cheese. and cable tv. 🙂

    • oh yes, cable TV. true. as in whole day. kaya inglisero e

  • max

    > recent change in my gender

    in kinsey’s scale, he lays out 6 types. you may have kust jumped a notch or two?

  • Jap

    Yoshke, thanks for making me smile tonight =) I didn’t know your girlfriend is a boy ehehehe

    • ulul!!! hahahaha. salamat din sa pagbisita. 🙂

  • haha! precious!
    thanks for sharing these stories… mga bata talaga…. 🙂

    • hehe, marami pa pong susunod na kwento tungkol sa pamangkin ko.

      salamat po ulit sa pagdaan. 🙂

  • Cute naman ng oamangkin mo… haaay namimiss ko na tuloy mga inaanak ko at pamangkin ko sa Baguio…

    • ehehe. cute talaga. makulit pa.

      uwi ka muna baguio. haha

  • LOL. where can I get a nephew like this one? 😀

    • Hahaha. Gawa ka na lang ng sayo. 😛