The Second Password

I spent weeks trying to figure out the password to an email account that I had set up two years ago. It was an account especially created for all work-related top-secret files that my colleagues and I kept back then. I was the only one who knew the password. And none of my neurones could remember it. The only thing I was sure of: my password is usually the name of someone I love — Nicole Kidman, Francois Truffaut, Christian Bale, Miroslav Klose…

A password-resetting email was sent to my secondary email address. The problem was, it was already inactive. So I was forced to answer a security question:

What is your pet’s name?

Silly me. I never had a pet. Ever. Damn. I don’t know why I chose this security question in the first place. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

For many nights, I tried to come up with pet names that I might have possibly used as my password. None worked. It was only minutes ago when, out of utter frustration, I typed in “YOSHKE.”

Bingo. It opened. So much for being a UP graduate, cum laude.

I immediately rummaged through my mailbox and found the file I was looking for. Downloaded it. Opened it. But to my surprise, another “Enter password” bullshit popped up. Not again, I thought.

And then, you crossed my mind. Just like that. You crossed my mind. Reluctantly, I typed in something — your name. My fingers spelt it correctly. Yep, the file opened.

Good thing I thought of you first.

Right now, my fingers are still stammering your name. They used to shout it out loud. Two years ago.

I’ve had many passwords after you.



Now I wish I hadn’t remembered the second password.

  • Aww.
    Siyempre napa-aww na lang ako.
    Ako din madaming passwords pero minemorize ko na sila lahat. Hehe

    • aaw. haha. buti kaya mo imemorize lahat. haha

  • daming boylets kasi!

    • Ken

      Tama ka diyan! Hahahahaha!

    • DOMINIC, sana nga madami di ba? Kaso wala nga eh. haha

      KEN, ewan ko sayo. haha

      • Ken

        Bakit? Hindi ba? Haha.

      • Hindi eh. You’re the only one I want. Hahaha.

        • Ken

          Yon! Hahaha.

        • Haha. ayaw pa kasi maniwala. haha

  • isa lang talaga password ko, the problem arises when my six character password is not allowed on some sites kaya doon ako bigla nagiimbento and eventually nakakalimutan. so i guess it happens to the best of us. good day.

    • ngayon, isa na lang din yung password ko. Yung problem ko naman, 7 lang ang characters so pag 8 dapat, magulo na. haha

  • Hahaha “”another “Enter password? bullshit popped up. Not again, I thought.””, I couldn’t read from this on because I started laughing.

    Glad you managed to guess the password 😉

    • wow. you visited again after almost a year! THANKS for dropping by.

  • haha. kaya ako 2 lang ang password at walang involved na tao (para walang emo moment hehe).

    Tapos ung questions, eh… pang pamilya para walang paltos na alam ko agad. hehe.

    hehe. nakakahilo ang madaming pass, minsan sa office kelangan ko isulat lahat. eh wala akong magawa kelangan eh.

    • yung mga superpersonal accounts ko naman ay pare-pareho ang passwords. Yung iba, like this one, work-related, i changed it. 😛

  • J

    LOL. whose name?

  • ayos tong blog mo. i thought di sya local made. hahah.

    proposal for ex-links eh?


    • natawa naman ako dun. haha.
      ex links? sure. haha

  • Bebs


  • eeeeeeeeeeh. may mga kinemeng ganito? hahaha.

    • yes, munich. may kinemeng ganito. haha

  • hmmmmm….. ni ha ni ho nohhhh! hehehe

    • Yoshke

      oy eugene, napadaan ka bigla!

    • lagi ako dumadaan.!!! hehe

    • Yoshke

      Wushooo… parang hindi naman. haha

  • Ely

    i am only using 1 same PW for 3 different email accounts + 1 prendster account…also same pin code for all my ATM’s. Goodluck saken pag may nakaalam…

    • Yoshke

      haha. trew. pag may nakaalam, sira na ang buhay mo. haha

  • kaya ako hindi ko sila ginagawang password eh. hihi.

    • yeah. now i learned my lesson. hihi

  • buti pa ko, isa lang ang password sa lahat ng online accounts. at sobrang hirap i-crack non.

    buti na lang very sharp ang memory ni yoshke.

    • hindi nga sharp eh. haha

  • Mon

    Haha… anong uri naman ng hayop yung pet mo? hehe

    • hindi ko alam e. basta cute. WAHAHAHAHA

  • UP grad. ka nga.. ang sharp kc ng memory mo e.. (haha.. koneksyon??!!) enyweiz, hirap nga pag name ng ibng tao ung nilalagay mo as PW. buti nlng naimbento ang numbers.. pandagdag gulo nrin yun sa utak ng mga hackers..^_^

    nice blog.. add kita sa links ko ha..

    BTW, kinikilig nman ako sa “My fingers missed typing your name.”
    haha.. sana kapangalan ko nlng sya.. XD

    • sana naman hindi mo kapangalan kasi lalaki ‘to eh. hahahaaha.

      sige, add din kita sa links ko. 🙂

  • Shet, lab ito.

  • i am surprised (i shouldn’t but i am) that people still use their ex’s name as a password for their emails. in my case, my passwords are never names, simply numbers.

    i use the names of my ex’s to call my dogs. one time, an ex of mine came for a visit. i called out my dog named after him, and my ex came to me TOGETHER with my pet. hehehe… it was a priceless moment when he realized he has a chihuahua for a namesake. (ganun din kasi kaliit yung kanya. har-har-har!)

    • haha. natawa naman ako dun sa pagpangalan sa kanya. haha.

      well, i didnt use his name as a password when he was already part of my past. that’s why i completely forgot about his name being my password.

  • “Bingo. It opened. So much for being a UP graduate, cum laude.”

    funny ka ES!!!! hehehe. nangyari na ito sa akin recently. yung metrobank kasi na password, 8-10 characters kailangan. tapos i didn’t write whatever man yung password na inimbento ko. kaya ayan, i forgot it. kakahiya pa bumalik sa branch para humingi ng bagong password. hahaha!

    and all my earlier accounts had my ex-kami ba or hindi kami? guy’s name. never got around to changing it! hehehe.

    • Yoshke

      i bet ayn never used a guy’s name for a password. haha.

  • xx

  • hi kefak

  • basss si gluuupppppppppppp!!!!!

  • noah

    me i’m recently using same password, but then again, i ahve to work around that same password para sa less than 12-letter password.. ekek..

    nangyari na rin eto sakin,buti nalang ung secret question eh medyo alala ko pa sagot 😀

  • christine

    i love stuffs posted here =)