How My Friends See Me II: Mastering Vanilla Sex?

What’s wrong with my friends?

They’ve been so very imaginative lately; they’re accusing me of things. Things that are, well, pretty amusing. Very recently, they, albeit separately, came up with an interesting theory. More like a guess, actually.


While malling. A few months ago.

Robin: I kinda miss the “bossy” you.
Yoshke: Hey, I was never bossy.
Robin: You were. You are. It’s just today that you seem to be not that.
Yoshke: Must be the weather.
Robin: What about the weather?
Yoshke: Humid. Makes me feel sleepy.
Robin: I bet you’re also bossy in bed.
Yoshke: OMG. If I didn’t know you better, I’d think you were hitting on me.
Robin: Ass. It was a neutral question! I just wanna know if you boss your partner around…
Yoshke: Hmmm. So you really wanna know? Haha.
That’s not what I meant, Dimen.
Then, you’ll never know.
Robin: But really, something tells me you’re into S&M (sadomasochism, sadism and masochism, slave and master).
Yoshke: (bonggang bonggang LOL)
Robin: So, are you?
Yoshke: You’ll never know. 😛


After watching the hilarious 3D animation “Igor” (starring my fave John Cusack)

You see, most hunchbacked assistants to evil scientists in many celebrated literary and film works (Dracula, Frankenstein, etc) are named Igor.

The movie Igor is sooo entertaining that even after seeing it, JT, Klara, Dohna, Chino and I couldn’t shake it off. When I was finally home, I texted JT.

Yoshke: Igor, you home na?
JT: Yes, master. I’ll pull the switch.
Yoshke: Ah JT, stop impersonating Igor. It’s turning me on. JOKE LANG.
JT: Really? Joke daw.
Yoshke: Haha. Bahala ka. You really think I’m into S&M?
JT: Pwede. So what role do you play?
Yoshke: I won’t answer that question.
JT: You don’t have to. I think I know, Mr. Power.
Yoshke: Hahaha. I won’t confirm or deny anything.


After my panel interview at the DFA, I met up with Bebs, Dohna, Lei, Jed and JT at A Veneto at the Trinoma Mall

Out of thin air, Bebs brought up the concept of “Vanilla Sex.” And spontaneously pointed at me as he was uttering the words.

Yoshke: Sorry, what is “vanilla” sex?
Bebs: Vanilla. Plain. Dull. Boring.
Yoshke: Hey, I love vanilla! And it’s not boring at all. It’s the world’s most popular ice cream flavour!
Bebs: But that’s what “vanilla sex” means.
Yoshke: So Bebs, since your sexlife is not “vanilla,” what are you into? Uhm, orgies? S&M? Bondage? Fisting (haha)?
Bebs: NONE! Eeeeeew.
Yoshke: And there you are accusing ME of having vanilla sex when it’s you who isn’t into anything!?
Bebs: Why? What are you into?
Yoshke: Nothing!
Bebs: I think you have tendencies…
Yoshke: Tendencies to…?
Bebs: Tendencies to engage in S&M!
Yoshke: LOL. S&M!? You serious? And what role d’ya reckon I’d play?
Bebs: Master!

I don’t know why they think of me like that, but come on. I look like a college freshman. I am not macho at all. My features are very boyish. What makes them think I’d engage in S&M stuff. And a “master” at that. Wahaha.

  • ron

    so are you into S and M? aaahaha!

    peace out, mate 🙂

    • haha, you’ll never know, ron. 😛

  • odin

    i so think you’re into s&m and all that hardcore stuff… hehe

    • Odin, come on, tell me, what makes you think im into that? hehe

  • reading this post is like watching an episode of FRIENDS…

    i take it back. its more like WILL and GRACE.. hahaha

    • hahaha. compliment ba yun? 😛

  • “I look like a college freshman.”
    hmmm… maybe you’re ‘dako’ so it kinda makes up for ‘macho’ part.

  • even at Sex – labelling still exists…hehehe

  • ultraman

    speechless ako.. la akong alam sa sex.. joke,, hahaaha…

  • vanilla sex – i learned something new today. nyahaha. pero, hindi nga. are you? peace. haha. 😉

  • haha.. nakakatawa naman itong post na ito ^^; so yoshke are u really into s&m or more hardcore like bdsm.. joke..

  • BWAHAHAHAHA. 😀 Made my day.

  • vanilla sex? that’s a new concept for me. I’d always loved vanilla ice cream. How can it be boring?????

    hmmm.. have to agree with the S&M thing. and yes, you’d be master, me thinks. You have this supladito image kasi.

  • hahah. funny shit.

  • self confessed: im into vanilla sex..ahaha

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  • roj

    what in the world is bdsm? :-L