Office Distractions

Accusing Distraction

Tuesday morning. Esan, a brand new co-worker, excitedly told me about someone she used to work with.

Esan: Yoshke! I’d introduce someone to you! You’ll like him. He’s hotΒ  and a real gentleman! His name is ^&%##.
Yoshke: Esan, I’m already seeing someone. I’m a one-man man. I’m one loyal, trustworthy guy.
Esan: Wushooo…
Yoshke: Ano namang tingin mo saken? MALANDI?
Everyone in the office, who, apparently, was listening: OO!

Hala. Sabay-sabay pa.

Singit pa nung isa, “At feeling mo HINDE?” Haha.

Henaku. Hindi naman talaga…

Repeating Distraction

One boring afternoon at the office.

Yoshke: If I tell you that I can sketch and paint, will you believe me?
Emcy: Yeah.
Yoshke: Eeeeeh. You shouldn’t have said “yes.” I wanted you to say “no.” Then I’d tell you “Yes, I can!”
Emcy: Hahaha.
Yoshke: Hmmm. I hate you! It didn’t go the way I wanted it to. So we’re gonna do it again!
Emcy: Haha. Okay.
Yoshke: Emcy, If I tell you that I can sketch and paint, will you believe me?
Emcy: No.
Yoshke: Yes, I can!

Parang tanga lang kami.

Confusing Distraction

Yoshke: Emcy, pabili naman ako ng cupped noodles (or cup noodles?). Nissin ha, Nissin. Seafood flavor. Nissin ha! NISSIN!
Emcy: Ah sige, anong noodles? Lucky Me Supreme?

Anong mahirap intindihin sa sinabi ko. Sabihin nyo saken. Anooo?!?!?!

Smelly Distraction

Wednesday afternoon. Well, Mimay isn’t my officemate. She’s a college friend who is now based in San Diego, California. But she still manages to give my third-world life a little shake occasionally over Yahoo! Messenger. One time, I was busy killing myself with marketing stuff…

Mimay: Help meeee! I need a pop song that’s bagay sa aking bowsez.
Yoshke: Mariah’s We Belong Together.
Mimay: Bakla, hindi ko kaya yun.
Yoshke: Kaya mo yan. (Ano ba naman ang mamatay ka sa kapipilit abutin yung last chorus?)
Mimay: Hindi ko kaya yun! Tsaka kelangan pop na pop. As in pop. And i know nothing about poop
Mimay: *pop
Mimay: not poop
Mimay: hahahahaha
Mimay: I know a lot about poop
Mimay: hahahahah
Yoshke: Wahaha. Tawang-tawa ako, tangena ka, ibo-blog kita.

Kaya ayan, binlog ko sya.

Suicide-Inducing Distraction

Night out with the clients at Red Box GreenBelt 3. While someone from the clients was ruining a perfectly ruined song singing Abba‘s Chiquitita. I know the song is about moving on, supposed to be encouraging, uplifting. But methinks the record is rubbish. Bleeeh.

Yoshke: Abba pala ang kumanta nyan?!
Kat: Oo naman.
Yoshke: Seryoso? Kaya pala mataas ang suicide rate sa Sweden eh!

Swaggering Distraction

I’ve just noticed a Grade School friend’s status message on Yahoo! Messenger.

Everyone is invited to my birthday party in Ancona, Italy.

Tangenamu rin.

The Best Distraction of All

Yesterday. A YM conversation with someone who likes to call himself “Shy Guy.”

Shy Guy: Nakakainis ka
Shy Guy: Naiinis ako sa yo
Yoshke: HALA
Yoshke: Bakit na naman?
Yoshke: πŸ™
Yoshke: Andyan ka pa?
Shy Guy: Naiinis ako sa yo
Yoshke: Bakit nga kasi?
Yoshke: Sabihin mo kasi kung bakit.
Shy Guy: Kasi mahal na yata kita

Ayun, nakangiti ako sa office buong araw. Kinikilig lang. If all distractions are like this one, BRING IT ON! Distract me anytime. Haha. πŸ™‚
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  • hahaha pamatay yung last distraction….

    • wahehehehe. hindi naman. πŸ˜›

  • yun huli lang naman talaga gusto mo iparating eh.. pinapahaba mo pa yung post…

    lolz ;p

    • i thought so too…malandi ka nga siguro

      • GILBERT, uy hindi aaaaah. actually, kahapon ko lang dinagdag yung huli kasi kahapon lang sya nangyari eh matagal ko nang na-draft yung entry na ‘to.

        ODIN, hindi ako malandi! NO! NO! haha

  • Yoshke: Ano namang tingin mo saken? MALANDI?
    Everyone in the office, who, apparently, was listening: OO!

    I think magkakasundo kami ng officemates mo…

  • Ang daming distractions! haha, no wonder you’re not that bored.

    • Not bored aright. Not bored at all.

      Kahit walang distractions, not bored. TAMBAK ang trabaho.

  • jake

    grabe ang bilis mo naman mkahanap ng kapalit. hahaha

    • uy ano baaa, hindi naman kami ni Shy Guy! So technically, hindi sya kapalit!

      • jake

        pero papunta na dun. hahaha idol na kta

      • I agree with Jake. Parang ganun na din un. πŸ˜›

      • Oo nga. Pero papunta na un dun, unless hindi mo type si Shy Guy. Or minsan kahit hindi, mafo-fall ka pag “masigasig” siya nang bonggang-bongga. Trust me. Been there. LOL

  • Malay mo maging kayo? lakas ng loob ni Shy Guy para sabihin yun,

    • I doubt it. Andami nya kasing issues eh. Andaming arte sa buhay. =))

      • anong issues? parang andami naman ata?

        • isa lang naman. kumplikado lang. πŸ™‚

        • Goodluck na lang sa kanya,

        • Good luck din saken. πŸ™‚

        • Ano ng balita kay Shy Guy?

        • Ayun, mahal na mahal ko. Haha.

          WTF? =))

  • Ahem… Ahem…

    but i don’t want somebody…
    who’s loving everybody…
    i need a shy guy…
    he’s the kind of guy…
    who’ll always be mine…
    oh lord have mercy mercy mercy…


    • GAGU! hahaha. Happy Birthday sa Saturday, Andre!!!

  • dust

    the last distraction…maybe that should be the only one you ought to post. haha! ayee…one man ka ba talaga yoshke? or tama ung mga officemate mo. haha! in denial ka lang na malandi ka. “shy guy” haha!

    have a good yoshke, your blog is a very good kind of distraction after a long day. πŸ™‚

    • Hindi… matagal ko na nasulat ‘tong post na ‘to. Kahapon lang nangyari yung last distraction, dinagdag ko na lang.

      Good day din, Dust!

  • ron

    hahahaha! sagutin mo na yung shy guy na yun! hahaha!

    i love reading your posts! MORE!

    • Wahaha. Parang sya nga dapat yung sumagot saken! WTF. hahaha

      Thanks Ron. πŸ™‚

  • sya ba ang “seeing someone” thing sa usapan niyo kanina.. malakas talaga charisma mo yoshke.. NAKAKAINIS KA!!

    • sya ba ang β€œseeing someoneβ€? thing sa usapan niyo kanina..

      yep. sya yung tinutukoy ko sa first distraction.

      malakas talaga charisma mo yoshke..

      Hindi siguro. Rare phenomenon lang yan.


      Wag mong sabihing mahal mo rin ako. JOKE LANG. Haha.

  • haha parang tanga lang! XD

    distraction ba talaga yung sa huli? hehe. πŸ˜›

    • oo, ditraction pa rin yun. Distracted na distracted nga ako eh. Chika lang. haha

  • haha! in love ako sa mga post mo kasi it lightens me up.
    buti na lang hindi shyboi ang name nung kausap mo kundi kakausapin ko siya right now..

    and then again..


    • oo na, nakakainis na ako. WTF. haha

  • parang gusto ko din nung last distraction! haha! oh wait.. teka, no! wag na lang muna pala! haha! (‘should be careful what i wish for… nyikes!)

  • ruff

    pang MMK yung last distraction ha? πŸ™‚

    • Haha. Hindi naman siguro. Hanggang Your Song lang. πŸ˜€

  • LOL at “Tangenamu rin.”

    waah! gusto ko ring may mainis sa akin…

    • WAG KA MAG-ALALA, sa concept ng blog mo, dadami ang maiinis sayo. Mga fans nung mga artista. =))

  • hmmm… accusing – best distraction of all!!! jowk! wag na inggit, dyan naman na si shy guy. maybe he’s a shy guy no more. dive in anak! πŸ™‚

    • MEOW, haha, laugh trip kaaa. Na-miss kita ditoooo.

  • ced

    ahahaha, yan pala ginagawa mo! distract kita minsan ah!?! hehehe
    sana biniro mo ung magcecelebrate sa Ancona, Italy. mag-RSVP ka kamu. hehehe

    uy bday ni andreee, is that your friend andree? happy bday! heehe

    • Ikaw ha, interesado ka talaga ke Andre!! Wahaha. LOVE TEAM!

      Honga, dapat nga nagRSVP ako para maloka sya. haha

      • ced

        oks kasi sigurong maging kaibigan yang si andree kaya ako natutuwa sa kanya. kaw ah! hehehe

        hahaha, oo nga, afford mo naman pamasahe papunta dun e. hehe

        • afford? HINDI SIGURO. hahaha

  • Whoa, the last one — very distracting.

    • true, in fact, until now, i am still very very distracted. haha

  • haha.

    tamang distraction lang sa windang kung buhay..

    nakakaloka yung first and last distractions..

    hmm…i think i want a SHY GUY na kaYM.haha.

    “nakakainis ka yoshke”.

    hahaha πŸ˜€

  • herbs

    malandi πŸ˜›

    • HINDI TOTOO YAN! haha

  • ” Yoshke: Emcy, If I tell you that I can sketch and paint, will you believe me?
    Emcy: No.
    Yoshke: Yes, I can! ”

    Bwahahaha! oo nga parang tanga πŸ˜›

    • OO NA NGA. Haha. Hindi pa ba enough na ako na yung pumuna? πŸ˜›

  • hi yosh….

    yun lang..hehehe

    • hi geek…

      yun lang… hehehe

      gaya-gaya lang ako. πŸ˜›

  • enjoy the weekend, yosh….

  • Haha. Yoshke. I wish u worked in my office. πŸ˜› But then if you did, you’d probably distract me and I wouldn’t get any work done. Have a great weekend!

    • I doubt you understood the post fully. (Make that ‘I’m sure’, haha) Next time, I’l translate em. πŸ˜€

  • Mugen

    Ang saya namang mga distractions niyan. At andami pa ha. Madalas eh si El Tigre lang ang distraction ko sa YM. Lol.

    Lahat serious na usapan. Hehehe.

    • Joms, salamat talaga sa pagpunta sa Friday. It was really nice to finally meet you. haha

  • haha, your officemates are funny.. I mean the whole thing that happen there is funny.. I really don’t take it that seriously.. parang its all joke and break time conversation.. cute πŸ™‚

    • Maybe it’s just me.

      JOKE LANG.

      haha. My officemates are a happy bunch, yes! Rowdy, in fact. πŸ˜€

  • wooooh! bring it on! makamandag ka talaga! winner! haha =)

  • Ang saya saya naman ng mga distractions mo… according to them, you attract the same, so siguro masaya ka rin na tao… at masayang kasama.. hehehe

    • Masayang tao, oo naman. Masayang kasama, ewan ko rin. haha

  • Jeyns

    Hello! I had fun reading your blogs! And I really though your real name is Yoshke..Care giving me a hint on your real name? πŸ™‚

    • hint?

      hmm… i actually posted an entire entry about my name(s). just search this blog. πŸ˜€

  • Jeyns


    • Punta ka sa About. Haha

  • hi yosh…hope you had a great weekend….

    • i did, thank you very much…

  • Nissin cup- nudols seafood flavor din ang gusto ko! haha
    Panalo lang si opismate mo

    • Nudols. Luvet! LOL

    • Naalala ko tuloy ung Del or Nu Del. πŸ˜€

  • Panalo ang Nissin at Lucky Me situation. Niyahaha!

    • true. nawindang ang office namin sa hirit na yan.

  • hahaha. winner yung grade school classmate mo. haha. πŸ™‚

    • ^^^true. makapag-invite lang eh… haha

  • Hahaha. Malandi nga. πŸ˜€

  • haha. this is so funny! πŸ˜›

  • yo-oown naman pala. πŸ™‚

  • uh huh. ayun naman pala E! propesyunalang distraction naman. wag ka umuwi sa batangas sa weekend! πŸ˜€

    • uh huh. ayun naman pala E! propesyunalang distraction naman. wag ka umuwi sa batangas sa weekend! πŸ˜€
      hindi ako uuwi. haha. promise.

  • Landi mu! πŸ˜›

  • mitch

    i love reading your blogs! nakaka-adik, hahaha! i accidentally clicked a link in fb tas napunta ko sa site mo, well……buti na lang clumsy ang kamay ko hahaha!!!

    i think may papagkaaabalahan na kong gawin sa office pag lunch break πŸ™‚

  • ayy…ok lang madistract kung ganun palage si shy guy..ahaha

    happy for you!