7 Evil Women in History

Because the world is celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8… Wahaha, joke lang! It was supposed to be Top 10. I wanted to include a couple of queens. And then my sister crossed my mind but I got too lazy so I just settled for seven.

They say that behind every great man is a great woman. Following this principle, we can also assume that behind every evil man is an evil woman. Yes, there have been cruel women in history that we fail to notice because we sometimes focus on male atrocity. However, some women have shown great inhumanity and have caused tragedy by their own, without any help from any men.

Whether they were the Bonnie to their respective Clyde or the independent, loner type, here are seven of the most utterly despicable women in history who interpreted “girl power? the wrong way. But first, a disclaimer: In no particular order. And no, your ex is not on this list.

1. The Angel of Death: BEVERLY GAIL ALLIT (1968-)

If you think all nurses are so adorable and admirable, you should meet Beverly Gail Allit. Also called “the Angel of Death,? she was a British pediatric nurse who was convicted of the murder of four kids at the children’s ward of Grantham and Kesteven Hospital in Lincolnshire in 1991.

As a nurse, she used a medical tool in her murders — the syringe. Yes, she would inject the child with potassium or insulin, leading to cardiac arrest. If she was unable to get the injections, she would suffocate the child. In total, she had assaulted 13 children. Only four were killed. You may be thinking that it’s a very small number for a serial killer to actually make it to this list but she did all these in a span of only 58 days. This made her earn a slot on the list of the most notorious serial killers in Britain.

2. The Mad Mama: MARYBETH TINNING (1942-)

If you keep on ranting about how your mother keeps on making your life miserable, stop it. There are far worse moms in the world. Meet Marybeth Tinning, a mother of eight children. She would’ve been your average loving mother except she murdered ALL of her children one by one. She even adopted one whom she killed as well.

The murders took place between 1972 and 1985. At first, no one suspected her of killing her children. Genetics was blamed even though the adopted child also died.  The court found her guilty and sentenced her to 20 years in prison.

3. The Poison Mistress: MARY ANNE COTTON (1832-1873)

If killing your own children isn’t crazy enough for you, you should know another evil mother, Mary Ann Cotton. This English mom was said to have murdered up to 20 people by arsenic poisoning.

At the age of 20, Cotton married William Mowbray, moved to Plymouth and had five children. Soon afterwards, four of their children died. They said it was because of gastric fever. The couple changed address but another 3 of their children died. Eventually, the husband met his demise, too.

Entered the second husband, George Ward. Well, he died of intestinal problems, too. It just went on and on.

After yet another child perished, the local newspapers became interested with the case and discovered something horrible. Many of the people close to Cotton had passed away —  three husbands, her mother, a lover, a friend and a dozen children — all of whom died of stomach or intestinal problems. She killed them all.

On March 24, 1873, she was hanged at Durham County Gaol.

4. The Socialite from Hell: DELPHINE LALAURIE (1775-1842)

Some of the richest women in the world may actually be the most gruesome kind. Delphine LaLaurie was a socialite in New Orleans. She was pretty popular among the higher social classes until April 10, 1834 when a fire broke out in her mansion’s kitchen during a party.

Firefighters entered the house through the courtyard and found two slaves chained to the stove. The slaves started the fire to get attention. They led the firefighters to the attic and and found over a dozen maimed and disfigured slaves.

Many of them were subjects of vicious medical experiments. Some of the slaves they found include a woman with limbs removed and flesh sliced off to look like a caterpillar, another woman with her limbs broken and reset to resemble a crab, and a man who appeared to have undergone a forced sex change. Some of them were still alive when found. Before LaLaurie could be brought to justice, she fled and was never caught.

5. The Bitch of Belsen: IRMA GRESE (1923-1945)

Irma Grese worked at the Nazi concentration camps in Auschwitz, Ravensbruck and Bergen-Belsen. One of the most notorious women during the Nazi period, she was also called “the Bitch of Belsen? by her camp inmates for her perverse and cruel behavior.

On April 17, 1945, after the war, she was captured by the British. The accusations against her ranged from simple maltreatment to heinous murder of prisoners at the camps. Survivors claimed that she would set dog at inmates, sadistically beat them with a whip and arbitrarily shoot them. They also provided details of her tortures and testified to her act of selecting prisoners for the gas chambers.

6. The Bloody Lady of Cachtice: ELIZABETH BATHORY (1560-1614)

Remembered as the Bloody Lady of Cachtice, Elizabeth Bathory was the most notorious serial killer in Slovak and Hungarian History. She was a Hungarian countess who were accused of torturing and murdering dozens of young girls.

While the idea that she bathed in her victims’ blood is folklore, the accounts of mutilation and impalement are true. In 1610, King Matthias sent men to her castle to investigate after hearing rumors of cruelty. The men found several women locked up, some were wounded and one dead. Bathory’s initial victims were peasant girls who were attracted to her offers of well-paid job as maidservants in the castle.

Bathory beat her victims to death; mutilated or burned their hands, faces and genitalia; bit flesh out of their faces and other body parts; and starved them to death. The total number of her victims is unknown but has always been thought to be in the hundreds.

7. The Dragon Lady: JIANG QING (1914-1991)

Wife of Mao Tse-tung, Jiang Qing was able to reach the highest position within the communist party. It is believed that she was the driving force that propelled the Cultural Revolution of China, of which she was the Deputy Director. It was during this 10-year period that important artworks and literary pieces were destroyed, intellectuals were sent to prison, and many had their human rights violated. Many Eastern and Western sources estimate the death toll to be around 500,000 from 1966-1969 alone.

Evil knows no gender. Men and women can be used by the Devil to cause tragedy to the world. Whether she’s a mass murderer, a serial killer or a corrupt leader, evil lived or lives inside of them. Women are naturally nurturing and caring. Although these nine vicious ladies proved to be disgraceful, we should not forget that there have been countless admirable women in history who have made or tried to make this world a better place to live in.
images courtesy of englishhistory.net, palvoice.com, murderuk.com, hauntedneworleanstour.com, bloodbath.host.sk, holocaustresearchproject.org, ibiblio.org, ugo.com, magyar.film.hu


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    The epithet “Bloody Mary” is associated with a number of historical figures—particularly Queen Mary I of England… haha

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    wow! this was a very interesting read, yoshke. i just love the trivias you share here…

    by the way, is queen mary of scots and queen mary I the same person?

    crap! i was so blown away by cate’s portrayal of elizabeth…hahaha!

    • http://kevinb3410.multiply.com kevin

      Mary, Queen of Scots, is Elizabeth I’s cousin.

      Mary I, Queen of England, is Elizabeth I’s half-sister.

      They’re not the same but they’re related, somehow. 😀

      • http://www.yoshke.com Yoshke

        Wow. It’s nice to have you here Kevin. I DIDN’T KNOW THAT!

        • http://kevinb3410.multiply.com Kevin

          Thanks. Hihihi.

          Pero weird kasi sabi ng ibang books and/or online reseources, Mary of Scots is Elizabeth’s father’s cousin. Ang sabi naman ng iba, apo si Mary of Scots ng eldest sister ni Henry VIII na tatay ni Elizabeth, making Mary I Elizabeth’s niece.

          Si Mary I naman, siya ung eldest anak ni Henry VIII kay Catherine of Aragon. Si Elizabeth, siya naman ung sumunod kay Mary pero ang nanay niya eh si Anne Boleyn. Dami asawa si Henry. 6 ata.

          Sorry. Geek mode. 😀

        • Jade Butterfly

          Henry VIII got six wives in his desperation to have a male heir. unfortunately for him non of his sons survived thus it was his daughters who later seats on the throne after his death. He not only had six wives but he also has countless mistresses ….

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      bathory reminds me of Diablo 2

      “And so it came to pass that the countess who once bathed in the rejuvenating blood of a hundred virgins was buried alive..”

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        AWESOME! I love that game and thought the same thing when reading her bio!!!

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    that’s what happens when girl power goes overboard and gets abused… thanks for these scary pieces of history…

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          Kung ako lang ang tatanungin, number 1 ko si LaLaurie. wahaha. Love her gutssssss

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    Ahaha, mabait pa pala si Imelda. lolz
    Parang ambait pa nga ni Queen Elizabeth sa movie na yun.
    Numbers 5 & 6, what the heck?!

    Nice info Yoshke. Thanks for sharing.

    • http://kevinb3410.multiply.com kevin

      I have a friend whose family was part of the Marcos cronies. He said Imelda was the one who decided to have Ninoy killed, not Ferdinand since he was on coma when the late Senator was assassinated.

      • http://www.yoshke.com Yoshke

        people have been saying that Imelda was the evil one and not marcos himself… probably!

        • http://kevinb3410.multiply.com Kevin

          Yeah. So they say. Pero I still love her. Andami niya nagawa for Manila’s infrastructure. Imagine, within her ‘reign’ as Minister of Human Settlements, she was able to erect 17 luxurious hotels. Ung mga array of hotels sa Roxas Blvd, that’s called the Imelda Hotels kasi karamihan dun siya may kagagawan. Hehe

  • http://kevinb3410.multiply.com kevin

    Disclaimer: This is my reaction based on what Yoshke wrote. Furthermore, my opinion is solely based on the facts as how historians and history put it.

    I soooooooooooooooooo beg to disagree about Elizabeth I!

    OA ba? LOL 😀

    “If Queen Mary brought England back to Roman Catholicism, Elizabeth suppressed it in the cruelest way possible.”

    – She never suppressed Catholicism. Elizabeth I was as tolerant as possible to all religions within her realm. Although she was the one who brought back her Father’s founded religion, Protestantism, she never prosecuted anyone because of their faith, and to quote her, “There is only one Christ, Jesus, one faith. All else is a dispute over trifles.” She may be a Protestant but she never upheld Protestantism to the point of “undervaluing” other religions.

    “She had thousands of Catholics in Ireland and England murdered. She may have done good things as regards to parliament, it doesn’t take away the fact that she was an evil tyrant.”

    – I’m sorry but I think this is overrated. :) It wasn’t only her that had many a killing done. Mary I of England did “better” on this by beheading thousands.

    She even ordered piracy and raiding of Spanish ships.

    – I think this is appropriate. This was all done within the British territories of the English Channel. And besides, Spain is already on the verge of attacking them and colonizing them.

    She also gave Queen Mary of Scots refuge but she betrayed her and kept her prisoner for 19 years before finally killing her.

    – She never really wanted to kill Mary, Queen of Scots, after all she’s her cousin. Although she would have vetoed the decision to kill Mary, her Counselors opted to persuade her into signing the execution papers to protect the Queen, and maybe to protect each and every noblemen from being unseated, and, on the bigger picture, protecting the whole of Britain and its constituents from possible Spanish colonization.

    • http://www.yoshke.com Yoshke

      hahahaha, grabe yang reaction mo Kevin. Fan na fan ah. 😛

      But it’s enlightening. Sorry lang daw, hindi reliable ang online sources ko. 😛

      Now I am forced to read about Elizabeth I. Haha.

      • http://kevinb3410.multiply.com kevin

        You’d better be. I love her kaya ganyan na lang reaction ko. Hahaha Pero aside from that, I just want to straight things out. I’m a historian by heart eh. Char. Hehehe

        One just teenie weenie thing, you said “here are ten of the most utterly despicable women in history.” You only have nine. 😛

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    SOoooooo creepy. As in.

    While the idea that she bathed in her victims’ blood is folklore, the accounts of mutilation and impalement are true.

    -Totoo man ‘to o hindi, naimagine ko sya and it gave me the creeps. Damn. Thanks Yoshke for this kind of info, kahit na tumindig ang balahibo sa batok ko. Haha. You never fail to either make me laugh or scare me half-to-death (joke!).

    Okay ‘to, feeling down pa man din ak0. Haha.

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    hahaha hinintay ko talagang lumabas sa listahan si demi moore. nakita ko kase sa pic. akala ko sya number one.

    nice one.

  • Gary

    Some of these are simply mentally insane, not evil, i’d say evil is more killing for power or hate of another religion, race etc

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    want gloria in the list!

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    exag, i cant believe there are women who can kill their own child and hindi lang isang beses,this is really heart breaking..anyhoo, can you post top 10 scariest photos or places?thanks!

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  • Lori

    Just for clarity—I did enjoy reading this.

    Henry the VIII was Elizabeth’s father and Bloody Mary’s as well. Elizabeth was the product of his second marriage to Anne Boleyn (didn’t end well for Anne) and Mary was by his first wife Katharine of Aragon. It was Mary’s mother that Henry fought the church for an annullment from. He was refused and started his own church.

    Mary’s mother was sent away and died devoutely Catholic and miserable. Upon her father’s death and her younger brother’s death Mary became Queen and fought to re-establish her mother’s Catholic religion throughout merry ol’ England. She was big on burning at the stake…hence the cute nickname.

    Mary Queen of Scot’s mother was Margaret Tudor who was Henry VIII older sister. Therefore, Mary is cousin to Elizabeth and Bloody Mary as well.

  • http://chairsantiques.org finya

    I would rate Queen Mary I as #1 or #2. She was absolutely brutal!

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    Interesting, Delphine is definitely the most interesting of them all in my opinion.

  • bsz

    You can find female rulers ordering gruesome religious persecutions not just in England but in other parts of the world as well. For example consider Queen Ranavalona I of Madagascar.

  • lol

    I hate the last line!

    Would you have written the same for men, if you had created a list of cruel men? I’m damn sure that you wouldn’t have 😉 You are a FEMINIST MALE!!!

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    I knew it. Jiang Qing will be on the list. Though I think she doesn’t deserve to be there. (note: I am currently reading “The Last Empress” by Anchee Min, which is a retelling of her life during her ruling in the Forbidden City.)

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    look we need more crazed female murderers well less