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  • herbs

    I know, right. David and Jonathan is like. so fucking gay. i mean, gayer than gay. like OMG. LOL

    I had fun reading this. & I can just imagine how bored you are LOL. Alexander is infact gay, I read a post from wikipedia one time that does say its true. Same goes to some of them, especially Yoshke Dimen LOL etchos.

    • Yoshke

      haha, hindi ako great! hindi pa! chika lang, haha

  • the geek

    four thumbs up!!!

    dont take this down. you know what i mean.

    • Yoshke

      thanks geek :)

  • darwin^^

    nawindang ako dito ako. grabeng rebelasyon to. haha! :)
    take care!

    • Yoshke

      haha, nawindang din naman ako nung nireresearch ko 😛

  • Wilhelmina

    nabigla ako ha!

    pero di ako aayaw sa Alexander the Gay, ganun naman talaga noong unang panahon eh heheh

    • Yoshke

      hey hey wilhelmina, dahil kapangalan mo si Vanessa Williams sa Ugly Betty, add kita sa blog roll ko. 😛

  • line of flight

    I think gays have a harder time faced with the possibility that they may not be great or extraordinary in the eyes of society, global and domestic.

  • wanderer

    how about jose rizal? sayang hindi siya nakasama sa list. hahahaha… sana isama din sa PI 100 curriculum and debate na ito sa kanya. hehehe

    • Yoshke

      haha, hindi ko alam na may ganyang debate, haha. love love rizal. 😛

  • noah

    nawindang ako.
    grabe, todo research ba ginawa mo dito?

    but right, di dapat hadlang ang gender/sexuality ..

    go yoshke the great!


    • Yoshke

      yoshke the great, LOVET! chika lang. haha

  • Jinjiruks Ikari

    sana nabuhay nalang tayo during the times of the greeks. isipin mo ok lang sa kanila iyon at tanggap lahat.

    • Yoshke

      haha. greeks pa! yum!

  • Kevin’s Kikoy Kit

    We used to talk about Shakespeare’s supposed gender orientation way back in HS until I went to UPLB in World Lit. Kakalerkey. Hahaha. I’m just not so sure if it was a young man or an adolescent boy. Hhhmmm…

    But still I love his works. Romeo and Juliet maybe a bit overrated but it still is a great love story. 😀

    • Yoshke

      yeah, kebs if he’s gay. he’s great. :)

  • Kevin’s Kikoy Kit

    Teka. Hindi mo sinama si Elton John! LOL

    • erik paolo

      elton john IS gay. no doubt about that. :)

    • Kevin’s Kikoy Kit

      I was just about to say that but my comment went to Yoshke’s spam box I guess. Hindi siya agad lumabas. Anyhoo, yeah. You’re right. 😀

    • Yoshke

      haha, never ko sya isasama, dont like him 😛

    • Kevin’s Kikoy Kit

      I also don’t like him. Baduy siya manamit eh. Hahhaa. But I like this song that Princess Diana likes. 😀

  • erik paolo

    after a hundred years, Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest will be in this list. Haha.

    (For the first time, may nakita akong grammatical error sa blog ni Yoshke the Great. hehe)

    • Yoshke

      hahahahha! Simon FTW! No 1. =))

  • ming

    nasurprise ako when you included paul. medyo agree ako jan kasi in one of his writings he advised people not to marry.

    • Yoshke

      yeah, he had weird writings actually. napapa-HUH na lang ako

  • Noelle Dotillos

    This is an interesting post. Great list! Haaaha! 😀
    I remember studying about Alexander the Great in highschool. I think we watched a documentary about him. I thought he was gay then. Hahaha!

    • Yoshke

      Alexander the Great is my fave historical figure, actually. Kaya natuwa naman ako na ganyan sya, haha

  • Felmar

    st. paul is not gay. “thorn in the flesh” does not refer to sexual desire. lol. the expression refers to “a pain in the ear or head,” epileptic fits, or, in general, to some severe physical infirmity, which was a hindrance to the apostle in his work.

    • Yoshke

      yeah, i dont really buy the St. Paul-gay thing although that thorn in the flesh really gets me intrigued. Thanks for this insight! 😉

  • kaisuke

    great read! shocking revelations. lol

    • Yoshke

      thanks kaisuke!

  • Barry

    great read yoshke! haha wala lang, uy i got in jma na pala. and im pub.

  • J

    There are speculations saying that both Haphaestion and Alexander died of AIDS too, by the way.

  • Sophia Cabantog

    I also thought that Leonardo da Vinci is gay. When I look at his painting the “Mona Lisa” for 10 minutes, it depicts somewhat a female and younger version of him. He’s gay but he didn’t expose it to the public during his time. That was my interpretation of his painting. Lately some international art scholars also said the same thing.

  • kutitap

    a kiss during the olden times is not like the kiss these days… I’m talking about the meaning of the kiss..

  • ajthealbinovamire

    i thought that shakespeare might have been gay when i learned about him, most men couldnt produce so many plays/poems in such a short life time, and even so, not nearly as deep. i had no idea about paul, abraham, or david, but who knows? i suspect nicholas sparks will be on here one day