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  • The other nine are familiar except for SACAGAWEA – but this indian girl is quite familiar. hmm
    While reading the last item, I remembered it! Sacagawea is the Indian girl in the movie The Night at the Museum. sabi ko na nga ba familiar siya.

    • hahaha. OO NGA!!! sya yun! lol

  • damindhi

    great work!!

  • AntiAcademia

    Really poor post. Neil Armstrong a greatest explorer than Columbus? Nonsense! It was Columbus who promoted and organized his extremely courageous expedition. He went straight forward into the unknown, as few dared. His discovery changed the world. He is without doubt number 1. Milleniums from now little kids will know who Columbus was. Many of the people to whom you give a higher plcae will be forgotten

  • Scott Forward

    It’s a good list, I would never say these men don’t deserve the recognition, but not even an honourable mention for Fridjof Nansen? The man was a scientist, humanitarian, world class athlete, inventor, and an amazing explorer. Sure, his exploits don’t rival the mapping of Africa or large sections of the Americas, but he was one of the first to effectively map the interior of Greenland; all the more impressive, when you consider he pioneered the methodology. I realize I’m ranting, but it’s just a surprise to not see him.

  • Oluf

    Columbus may have been a good jurnalist, but not a worthy explorer. Also, Roald Amundsen was the first human being to reach the south pole. He must be mentioned on this list. Your list is very flawed good sir, but i’ve truly seen worse.