Akala Mo Lang Wala Nang SLUMBOOK, Pero Meron, Meron, MERON!

Once upon a time, I had a witty friend who had a witty idea. Her name was Tonet. “Yoshke, I have a brilliant concept for a business,” Tonet exclaimed.

“Ano na namang kagagahan ‘yan?” I asked, knowing her history of kagagahan.

“Let’s create a witty planner that will rival that of Starbucks,” my witty friend explained. “We will sell copies of it. It will be epic!”

“Haynaku friend, I’m so busy with my full-time job. I don’t know where to find time to create a witty planner with you,” said I, who was trying to prove my buzzkill reputation right.

We parted ways and she never brought it up again.

Months had passed when I received a message from her, asking me to blog about the planner she published with a new partner. “Wow, you pushed through with it. Congrats! Send me photos of its pages and if I found them hilarious, I’d blog about it.”

It was hilarious. I blogged about it. Others blogged about it. Needless to say, with the content of the planner, there was no way it would flop. Mainstream media picked it up while a cult following was brewing underground. Soon, my witty friends who created the planner called themselves Witty Will Save the World. I was so proud of them.

After the “I was supposed to get that Coffeehouse Planner but I got fat and broke on my 10th frappe” 2010 Planner, they released these two:

And now, after the success of their first slumbook, they are reprinting the “Akala Mo Lang Wala Nang Slumbook pero Meron Meron Meron” slumbook with added features. (When I say features, I mean kagagahan, haha.)

And in the spirit of friendship and fulfilling promises, I’m blogging about it. Oh, I take that back. The truth is, I’m promoting it not because of the friendship and the people behind it but because of the product. It is a real gem, a true treasure, a genuine jewel, and I’m running out of synonyms. It is epic. No, it is E-fawking-P-I-C.

So what is in the slumbook? Well, it has everything you expect in a slumbook and everything you don’t expect in a slumbook. You think I’m confusing you? I won’t do that! I love you coz you’re reading this blog. But I’ll just stop blabbing and let these photos do the talking.

WAHAHAHA. If none of these made you laugh, you’re either blind or a sea cucumber.

At this point, allow me to throw this big shout out to TONET for not giving up on this endeavor and for making this dream of hers a reality. Your dreams, Tonet, when made tangible are always delightful. Not only do you have bright ideas, you also have the drive.

Kudos to you and Chinggay and Karl. You guys rock. Witty may not save the world, but it sure makes it a little brighter, and us a little happier.

Enough of the drama. Let’s get down to business.

If you’re interested to buy a copy of this hilarious slumbook, text them at 0906-4652191. Ibigay ang iyong pangalan (para hindi na kayo pumunta sa Hu u po?) at kung ilan ang gusto mong orderin, AT kung paano mo gusto makuha ang iyong planner (pwedeng meetup, pwedeng delivery, pwedeng sa partner stores nila).

  • I couldn’t help but laugh when I first answered this one last year. 😀

    • haha. yay, invite your friends to buy. wuuuuu

  • Sa 9th pix, may lyrics pa nang Greatest Love Of All.hehe Nag flashback tuloy ang memory ko pabalik nang highschool life and all i can say is…hahahahahahahahahaha

    • hahaha, ako rin. pero di ko alam yung song after that. yung may balloon and moon. 😐

      • haha ako din…di ko na rin yan alam. baka hindi pa tayo naeluwal nong panahon nang song na yan.ahaha

  • doi

    nag nosebleed ako when I answered TheCreativeDork’s slumbook! Kakatawa yung Do You Believe… portion. nahirapan akong sagutin yung favorite color at describe yourself. hahaha

    • haha, ang limited ng choices nung color. sana next edition marami-rami na. 😛

  • dessa

    cool slumbook! haha…
    San store pede mkabili nyan? magkano? thanks 🙂

  • katherine

    san pede makabili nian?

  • hey thanks for this.. will definitely get a copy of this later.. loved the humour 😉

    • thanks clarence. please do. 🙂

  • Dala ko to sa Cebu! Sayang di kita napa-sign!

    I love Witty! Sana ma-meet ko sila in real life. Hihihihi. Fanboy lang.

    • Gusto mo? Dahil sa post na ‘to, may utang na loob sila saken. CHOS!!!

      Ipakilala kita. DALI!

      • Robbie made me sign on his. I couldn’t get myself to finish agad ’cause I had to laugh every now and then while answering the questions. ang tagal ko lang dun sa gender portion.

        kudos to your friend Tonet! phenomenal ito! 😀

        • Thanks Jayvie! Galing talaga nung si Tonet

  • Joel

    hi, where can i buy this crazy book hehehe
    pde ba 2 for 500? 🙂

    • Tawad ka pa ha hahaha. Try mo. text them at 0906-4652191. Ibigay ang iyong pangalan (para hindi na kayo pumunta sa Hu u po?) at kung ilan ang gusto mong orderin, AT kung paano mo gusto makuha ang iyong planner (pwedeng meetup, pwedeng delivery, pwedeng sa partner stores nila).

      • Joel


      • Joel

        uy ano account # nila crave to answer the book hehehe

  • I love it, where can I buy this slumbook, pls reply.

    • text them at 0906-4652191. 🙂

  • ang kuleeet neto. hahaha. panalo!

  • Jean Paul

    nice galing galing! funny ang slumbook na yan haha


    Haha i love slumbooks…

    during my time, ang answer sa who is ur crush or who is ur love, laging numbers…

    for example kapag ang name ay rina chan, sa question na
    who is ur crush? 4-4 ang sagot bwahahha..

  • Wow. nakakatuwa naman ‘to. Magkano ba itech? haha. parang ang saya magkaroon nitong slumbook-slumbook-an na eto! 🙂

  • janice

    available pa po ba to until now?:)

  • Aika

    Dapat hiningi ko to sayo bilang regalo. exchange gift. hahahaha. 😀

  • hahahaha.. aksidente lang akong napadpad sa blog mo dhl sa paghahanap ng pick up lines mula sa pelikulang pilipino.. at ako ay natawa (as in BWAHAHA) sa mga photos.. bibili ako nitong slumbook na to 🙂 sana mamit ko din kayo in person 🙂

  • pinky

    Please can i get a copy? as in please?????

    • Hi Pinky, please contact Witty Will Save the World. Contact details are in the post 🙂

  • SL

    magkano po ba yung slambook?

  • Arnie

    HI!! Im so late! Meron paba nito? San pwede bumili? :))

  • I tried texting yung number to order pero hindi nagsesend. Is there any other way I can order the slumbook? Soooobrang gusto ko siyang ipang-regalo this Christmas e. Hope you could help me out.

  • Love it!! 🙂