Top 20 Songs I Listened to the Most During Travel in 2013

travel soundtrack 2014

In another life, U2′s Beautiful Day or the Beatles’s Across the Universe would be my travel anthems. But in this life, I love *pop* just as much as I love any other genre of music. Perhaps even more, to be honest. And while it’s productive to use travel time to reflect and make life-changing decisions, […]

Beautiful Strangers: Southeast Asia Backpacking Edition

A bread puffs vendor at Chiang Mai Saturday Night Market

It’s been seven months since I published this post, where I showcased the different types of pretty boys that I encountered while traveling in some parts of the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Well, due to insistent public demand, I am bringing it back with a wider scope. Actually, there is no public demand. The […]

Beautiful Strangers

I completely didn't care about all the rides at Disneyland Hong Kong when this guy appeared. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. So goodlooking.

“Keep the hat,” suggested the Caucasian man standing next to me. I was looking at the mirror, trying to decide whether I should ditch the hat I was wearing that night. “You look great, don’t worry,” he complimented. It wasn’t long until I noticed that he was handsome, sexy and — wait for it — […]

Media These Days and Christina Aguilera

Here's Us Weekly's misleading article.

Media these days. I don’t understand the hate and shade that have been thrown by the entertainment press towards Christina Aguilera. I know that media thrives in controversies but I can’t believe they will go this far or this low to spin stories or create something out of nothing. It is absolutely disgusting. Take a […]

The Poser Phase

got 2 believe y tu mama tambien

Y Tu Mama Tambien. Everyone nodded in approval. I heard a couple of Wows and someone quipped “Great choice.” I was at a college organization’s Orientation of Applicants. I was an applicant, scared shitless. Y Tu Mama Tambien was what I blurted out when I realized it was my turn to share what my favorite […]

You Can’t Shoot What You Don’t See

MAGKARIBAL teleserye

I realized just how difficult it was to hold back a cringe when a cousin’s friend told me how she despised local films and television shows in general. I asked her why and all she could say was a very specific, “They’re just so bad.” I admit that many of our movies and TV shows […]