Responsible Travel: The Bliss in Ignorance and the Pain in Information


“Is that because of us?” was Nix’s question after telling her how I ended up not scratching anything off my bucket list when I visited Chiang Mai, Thailand. Nix Nicolas is a co-founder of Save Philippine Seas (SPS). “Yes,” I replied with an unblinking stare. The month before, I found myself reluctant to try some […]

The World According to Google Search Suggestions

google logo

“Filipinos are annoying. Malaysians are ugly. Indonesians are lazy. Singaporeans are rude. Americans are dumb.” That’s what Google suggested when I typed the nationality (+ are) into the search box the other night. I was doing an online research about Malaysia for my travel blog when I spotted a search suggestion that I thought was a […]

The Paradox of the Freedom Islands

all drains lead to the ocean

A month ago, if a foreign traveler asked me where the nearest mangrove forest lies, I’d probably tell him to take the bus to Quezon or fly to Palawan. If one asked me to take him to a place where he could go bird-watching aside from UP Diliman, I’d probably drive him out of the […]

The Giant Disco Ball

This is a screen cap from the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. Horrible remake but these balls look like the ones I saw when I was a child. Except it was smaller and it was green and red.

I’ve shared this experience with only a few close friends because I was afraid other people would think I was either a liar or a lunatic. But I swear to God this is true and this happened. My mother’s eyes were glued to Charito Solis in the original Mula sa Puso teleserye when I left […]