How the 13th Zodiac Sign Rattled the World

zodiac signs

Yesterday morning, I logged in to my Facebook account only to find almost everyone in panic. Apparently, their zodiac signs have changed and they refuse their new sign. What’s worse, there’s a 13th sign — Ophiuchus, the serpent-bearer, the culprit, the cause of the global disorder. Haha. Here are some zodiac-related status messages that I […]

That “Eureka” Moment: Top 10 Accidental Inventions


Everybody knows the story of how Archimedes accidentally realized how to measure the volume of irregularly-shaped objects just by soaking himself in a tub. The story of how Alexander Fleming unintentionally discovered the bacteria-fighting properties of a certain mould, which would later inspire the invention of penicillin, is being taught in schools. These are just […]

Top 10 Weirdest Animal Mating Rituals


Yesterday, Valentine’s Day. This month, Love Month. Gaaawd, it’s mating season once again. My supposedly 1.5-hour travel time from Makati to Lemery, Batangas became 4.5 hours last night! I was stuck in traffic in Tagaytay for more than three fuckin’ hours! And when I say fuckin’ hours, I mean fuckin’ hours. There are too many […]

Top 10 Interesting Facts About Dreams


When I decided I would write about this several months ago, I did some online research. Apparently, several other websites have similar lists. So I compiled what I found very interesting.  Dreams always catch the attention of experts. It is the subject of many studies, trying to uncover everything about it. However, no matter how […]

That’s All We are Worth

When the human body is broken down into its chemical components — carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. — it is only worth $23.80. — National Geographic Channel FAQS They say that the human soul weighs 21 grams. I wonder how much it costs. Hmmm. I guess the human soul is priceless.