Top 10 Tragic Accidents in History


Accidents happen. Whether it’s just a young girl choking on her hotdog sandwich or a major unintentional nuclear explosion, accidents have a way of sneaking up on people when we least expect them. All over the planet, countless accidents happen every minute. In fact, next to diseases and other health problems, it is the second […]

Top 10 Most Notorious Serial Killers


In any known culture, murder is considered a heinous crime. This is because human life is valued more than anything else in the world. Throughout history, however, we have seen countless serial killers and mass murderers rise and spread terror. They are often seen as heartless monsters who are incapable of seeing life as sacred. […]

Why Nursery Rhymes Are So Violent


A few months ago, I was teaching my 4-year old nephew some nursery rhymes with a DVD. After a lot of singing, he slowly digested the story that the rhymes tell. And then he began asking rather uncomfortable questions. One of the first rhymes I taught him was Humpty Dumpty. Humpty Dumpty sat on a […]

Power Makes the World Go Sicko: Top 10 Craziest Leaders in History

crazy leaders

Note: This entry was written for, a site that our team put up. It is still under construction but if you want to take a peek, knock yourself out. Throughout history, we have witnessed the rise and fall of countless rulers. Many of them did a really admirable job that their names are written […]

Laugh then Follow: Top 37 Most Ridiculous Laws in the World

no swimming crocodiles

NOTE: I only have used several websites that compile absurd laws as my references. There’s no way I can verify if these laws actually exist. Read at your own risk. Laws are highly dependent on the culture of the jurisdiction. Laws in one country can be seen as idiotic by others. Differences in cultures result […]

I Understand Now Why People Don’t Volunteer

lemey batangas election

Thinking of the most dignified way to kill yourself? Try volunteering for PPCRV as a Poll Watcher. But surprisingly, I’m still alive. (But I didn’t intend to kill myself, I just wanted to help.) Yep, believe it or not, the ever arrogant Yoshke made a humble and noble choice of volunteering this election season. And […]