Malacca’s Got Humor

Here's me at the Ruins of St. Paul Church!

I quit my full-time job last month to see the world. Well, not really to see the world. I just wanted to have more time to travel. I still provide social media consultancy services to a couple other companies but getting rid of my “day job” would mean more freedom — Freedom from limited leave […]

Keeping Them Straight

gay attraction

“What’s wrong with me?” cried Celine, a friend and colleague. Moments earlier, she mastered the art of using all the functional muscles on her face to signal that there was a hot, goodlooking male behind me. Drowning in excitement and a deadly sin, she watched the guy behind me like she was ready to mate. “Yeah, […]

Akala Mo Lang Wala Nang SLUMBOOK, Pero Meron, Meron, MERON!

slumbook gender

Once upon a time, I had a witty friend who had a witty idea. Her name was Tonet. “Yoshke, I have a brilliant concept for a business,” Tonet exclaimed. “Ano na namang kagagahan ‘yan?” I asked, knowing her history of kagagahan. “Let’s create a witty planner that will rival that of Starbucks,” my witty friend […]