The Long Weekend

Artwork by Robbie of The Creative Dork

Nine hours until my presentation the next morning when my phone made that awful sound, telling me that I received a message, which at that moment was not very welcome. The clock had just struck midnight and I was still facing a blank Powerpoint slide, trying to find the first word. Still, I picked up […]

Unusual Breakfast


Here we are again. In the usual corner. Usual table. Usual diner. Usual time. And most probably, usual meal. I’m getting tired of this really. Everything’s a routine. And for what it’s worth, you’re the only same old thing that I’m not tired of. But I’m tired of this. Having the same food for breakfast […]

“Julia/Juliana” Random Scene 1

couple beach goodbye

This is lifted from a screenplay I wrote with Tonet for a Hawaiian film. We were commissioned by a Filipino-American producer. It’s a romantic sci-fi musical tentatively titled “Julia/Juliana.” It is yet to be shot. A little background. Michael is a white soldier. Juliana is his ex-wife who abandoned him. Julia is his new wife […]

’7-Night Stand’ Random Scene 1

moon skyline

This is lifted from a screenplay I wrote for one of my college organizations. We were so prepared to shoot it but we had some problems. And by “problems,” I mean budget. It’s a romantic comedy tentatively called “7-Night Stand.” Anyway, this is just one scene. 34 EXT  ROOFTOP  -  Later that night Marco and […]

7 Missed Calls

walking down dirt road

Note: Blogger’s original work. Don’t plagiarize. To those who would dare, as my friend Ayn says it, may the wrath of heaven and earth fall upon you. This is fiction. Please see legal and ethical reminders on the sidebar. Thanks very much. Seven missed calls. When I saw this flashed on my cellphone screen this […]


feet beach

“What?” “What would you say if you got me alone?” “Well, right now I got you alone and I’m not saying anything. So I guess, uh, nothing?” “Why don’t you say something?” “What?” “Come on. Say it.” “Say what?” “You know. It.” “Oh I can’t say it. You’re in a relationship. My parents raised me […]

Just Did

sunset beach goodbye

Note: I already posted this on my previous blog, click here. I just had to move it here so I could file my short stories under one category. Anyway, usual reminder: blogger’s original work. Please see legal and ethical reminders on the sidebar. Thanks very much. Again, this is fiction. When one of my bestfriends […]