The Poser Phase

got 2 believe y tu mama tambien

Y Tu Mama Tambien. Everyone nodded in approval. I heard a couple of Wows and someone quipped “Great choice.” I was at a college organization’s Orientation of Applicants. I was an applicant, scared shitless. Y Tu Mama Tambien was what I blurted out when I realized it was my turn to share what my favorite […]

What Goes Around Comes a-Round

yoshke in cebu

And I have come ’round. Like, really round. Last weekend, I was in Cebu for the fifth time. While preparing for this trip, I checked out photos from my very first time in Cebu in 2009.  And so, to see just how much I have changed and how “round” I have grown over the past […]

Yoshke’s Weekend in Bohol in 4 Minutes

yoshke in bohol philippines

Hi guys, just sharing how my weekend went told in images in less than 4 minutes to the tune of Christina Aguilera’s MONDAY MORNING from the deluxe edition of her fourth studio album Bionic. (Haha. Sorry for plugging.) [youtube HluKYH5RmP4] I’ll be narrating what happened on my Bohol trip in detail soon. I just need […]

What’s On My Mind?

“What’s on your mind?” Every night, while lying in bed before we go to sleep and I’m unusually quiet, you’d look at me and ask, “What’s on your mind?” I’d answer with a dismissing, “Wala lang. (Nothing.)” And then, we’d talk about something else. The truth is, I wasn’t thinking about nothing. I was thinking […]

This is the Part Where I Publish Some of Your Letters


I’ve been very unhappy lately. (But don’t worry Shy Guy fans, it’s not lovelife-related, hehe. That aspect of my life is perfect.) One of the reasons is that my sister was diagnosed with a certain growth in her liver. I’m reminded of the time my dad experienced the same thing until his liver finally took […]

Something Silly

Whenever my friends gave me a call in wee hours of the night, crying because they were madly missing their boyfriends or girlfriends, I secretly laughed at them. I just thought it was silly to weep just because they were not with the person they longed for. Sure, I missed people badly before. But not […]