Thanks, Philippine Blog Awards 2010!

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I woke up this morning coughing my lungs out, wondering whether last night was real or not. A few moments later, my hubby greeted me good morning and congrats. I figured, it was real. I hurried to the kitchen to get a glass of water and I saw three trophies on the drawer. One of […]

Office Distractions

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Accusing Distraction Tuesday morning. Esan, a brand new co-worker, excitedly told me about someone she used to work with. Esan: Yoshke! I’d introduce someone to you! You’ll like him. He’s hot  and a real gentleman! His name is ^&%##. Yoshke: Esan, I’m already seeing someone. I’m a one-man man. I’m one loyal, trustworthy guy. Esan: […]

Allow Me to Be Emo

And just like that, it all comes crashing down. And my one dream is shattered. As shattered as I am now. If you wanna be friends with me, I’m telling you, now is the best time. I’m OK now. You see, I move on easily. Haha. Over it.

Define Euphoria


National List of Passers 2007 FOREIGN SERVICE OFFICER WRITTEN EXAMINATIONS Held 19-21 December 2007 (Released: 29 August 2008) Department of Foreign Affairs – Philippines Gaaawd. Just when I start envying my friends (especially Bebs) for reaching new heights in their careers, something like this comes my way. From a thousand examinees, now we’re down to […]

Never Have I Ever Regretted a Drink

Last Friday our team had a party at Lauren‘s place as a part of our semimonthly office gatherings. There were lotsa fun, food, and of course booze. Among my officemates, there were only a few people who knew about my sexuality — Bridget, who used to be my classmate in UP; Aika, who is also […]