Tales from Behind the Wheel: Si Aida, si Lorna, at si Fe

melaka teksi

The driver greeted us with a smile as we hopped into his cab. “To Melaka Sentral, sir!” My friend Ces, as usual, took the passenger seat while Asta and I occupied the back row. The driver beamed, nodded, and responded, “Okay, okay,” and started to drive. It was our last afternoon in the historic city […]

People Along the Way: The Solo Backpackers

The sleepy town of Luang Prabang, Laos

“No stars tonight?” She put down her glass of pina colada and sat next to me on the bench on the top deck of the boat, floating softly in the middle of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. “Not even one,” I painted a faux pout on my face while picking up my bottle of Tiger Beer. […]

Tales from Behind the Wheel: Scary Rides

Cabs left and right

I’m always afraid to take a cab alone. I just don’t feel comfortable being alone with the driver and the  hold-up stories that I have been reading online are not at all calming. But it cannot be helped sometimes. Whenever I do, I take the passenger seat and start small talks with the driver just […]