The Other Promil Kids


I have been receiving a lot of emails about the Promil Kid from my readers. If only my nephew could blog, I think he would create his own (which is just right since he has been outshining me here on MY OWN blog, LOL). Or, when he reaches the right age, he’ll ask for his […]

Dump Your Guy, Date Andre

bench uncut billboard jake cuenca

The last time I featured Andre and his crazy antics on this blog was in December last year when I posted about Pasay City. A lot has changed since then. For starters, we are now working with the same company. And we’re not just officemates, we’re also in the same team. We’re also housemates. So […]

Yoshke is Evil: The Beef-Forcing Cashier

beef or pork evil siomai

This  is a part of the Yoshke is Evil series, in which I will narrate incidents where I thought I was inconsiderate, hateful or evil. This incident happened two years ago and I still can’t get this out of my head. Midnight. I had been studying for hours with a friend at Gloria Jean’s Café […]

Who Ate the Tiramisu?

tiramisu cake

I don’t think I’ll ever forget this story. When we were in senior year, my college friends and I just loved staying at my friend Ayn’s place. The house is along Banawe St. in Quezon City and it was our favorite place to just chill-out, study, work on our group projects, shoot films, and just […]

Sundays with the Promil Kid


Guess who’s back! I’m finding it hard to blog about my nephew, the Promil Kid, lately because I rarely see him. He’s staying at my parents’ house in Batangas and I only go there once a month. Anyway, enjoy. AGNOSTIC KID The Promil Kid is in a difficult identity situation right now. And years from […]

Mother Like No Other


So I spent my weekend with my family in Batangas. God, if you’re complaining it’s hot here in Manila, it’s way hotter over there. There was never a moment I didn’t agree with Thomas Edison that genius is 99% perspiration. Good thing there was too much food back there, I was always gorging on something […]

And That’s the Bottom Line!


Here are some completely innocent statements but my friends’ dirty minds tell them otherwise. Sanay Na One very toxic night, I had been editing political ads on my laptop with my small marketing teammates at our apartment FOR HOURS. My friends Dohna, Dane, and Frances were sitting on the airbed while I was on the […]