Thanks, Philippine Blog Awards 2010!

yoshke at philippine blog awards 2010

I woke up this morning coughing my lungs out, wondering whether last night was real or not. A few moments later, my hubby greeted me good morning and congrats. I figured, it was real. I hurried to the kitchen to get a glass of water and I saw three trophies on the drawer. One of […]

Crazy Over the Cup Again: 2010 FIFA World Cup – South Africa


Only three things make me cry — love, death and World Cup. image courtesy of Haha, seriously.  I remember myself crying like a baby on the way home from Ateneo when Germany lost to Italy in the semi-final match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup. I also almost fell into depression when they almost […]

We Walk Like We Rule the World

I have always loved walking. Back in college, I never took a jeepney to go from one class to another even though the next building was on the other side of the UP Diliman campus. If I could walk, I would. There’s just something in walking that is therapeutic. It’s my way of reflecting on […]

This is the Part Where I Publish Some of Your Letters


I’ve been very unhappy lately. (But don’t worry Shy Guy fans, it’s not lovelife-related, hehe. That aspect of my life is perfect.) One of the reasons is that my sister was diagnosed with a certain growth in her liver. I’m reminded of the time my dad experienced the same thing until his liver finally took […]


edsa manila lights

It could have been a horrible Saturday. I was in the passenger seat. It was a bit raining. Normally, EDSA gets on my nerves. That’s why I thank God for the MRT. I may have had more than my share of almost-raped mornings while on it but it’s fast and my flat and office are […]