Keeping Them Straight

gay attraction

“What’s wrong with me?” cried Celine, a friend and colleague. Moments earlier, she mastered the art of using all the functional muscles on her face to signal that there was a hot, goodlooking male behind me. Drowning in excitement and a deadly sin, she watched the guy behind me like she was ready to mate. “Yeah, […]

It Gets Better. So FCKH8!


Something beautiful happened over the weekend. Last Sunday afternoon, October 24, 2010, members of Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles (GMCLA), along with their friends and supporters, came together at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles to work on a project. They were to touch lives with the best way they knew — singing. That […]

The Writings on the Wall: Funny Posters around the Philippines

huwag hawakan lumalaki

Sometimes when we feel so alone and sad, all we need to do is look around us. Many times, the things that will make us happy and forget all our problems for a moment are just around the corner, written or posted on a wall somewhere. I was organizing my gallery when I stumbled upon […]

The Winding Road


“I think you’re 80% straight.” I was startled by these ridiculous words from my friend Chemae. We were walking back to the cottage at a resort in my hometown in Batangas. The conversation went like this: Yoshke: Well, that remaining 20% makes me totally gay. 1% can make someone gay, you know. Chemae: I think […]