What’s Up, Doc? Really, What’s Up?

burning tummy

This happened more than two years ago. But it’s still pretty clear in my head. June 2009. It was the time when I was constantly having serious digestion problems. Sometimes, my digestive system would not do its job dissolving food while other times, it would just overdo it. I finally had enough so I decided […]

Skydive For Life

cancer warriors foundation

I hate cancer. I’m almost sure that it will claim my life in the future. It just runs in the family. Most of my relatives perished the “cancer” way. I have narrated on this blog the story of my father and how he succumbed to liver cancer and how breast cancer threatened my mother’s existence. […]

Bulleted Blurts

Wow, time flies. January has only a few days left. I still got tonsilitis. Dammit. But it’s aright, I’m completely functional. Just that my breath smells like a slice of durian you trap in a jar for a week and then you open it and voila… welcome to Payatas. Yaaak. So now I’m in Batangas […]

The Promil Kid Goes to School

I’ve been sick since Monday. Tonsilitis again. Last year, I had this seven (or eight?) times. Gaaaah. Told ya, the relationship between infections and my tonsils is almost romantic. They love each other sooo much, they might elope in the near future. But if there’s any consolation, I’m losing weight FAST! Yay for that. Anyway… […]