Three Years is a Long Time

Three. This year's lucky number.

Three years is a long time. In three years, a mahogany seedling could be a fully grown tree. An entry-level employee could become a supervisor or a manager, or he could resign, if he’s lucky. A graduate school enrollee could finish a degree with thesis. A celebrity could rise to fame and spiral back down […]

My Top 100 All-Time Favorite Love Songs (Part 6)


Just this morning, when I opened up my laptop and launched iTunes, it randomly played Leigh Nash’s Need to Be Next to You. And in an instant, I was reminded of this list and that I had not posted a follow up since August last year. So here it is. This is the sixth installment […]


how to break up

It was a Tuesday evening. I was walking down the street with a box containing a cake in my hands. It was her favorite. I stopped in front of her house. Turned to the door. Stopped. Lifted my left hand to knock. Hesitated. At last, I mustered all the courage to make that gentle, reluctant […]

What’s On My Mind?

“What’s on your mind?” Every night, while lying in bed before we go to sleep and I’m unusually quiet, you’d look at me and ask, “What’s on your mind?” I’d answer with a dismissing, “Wala lang. (Nothing.)” And then, we’d talk about something else. The truth is, I wasn’t thinking about nothing. I was thinking […]

We Walk Like We Rule the World

I have always loved walking. Back in college, I never took a jeepney to go from one class to another even though the next building was on the other side of the UP Diliman campus. If I could walk, I would. There’s just something in walking that is therapeutic. It’s my way of reflecting on […]