What Goes Around Comes a-Round

yoshke in cebu

And I have come ’round. Like, really round. Last weekend, I was in Cebu for the fifth time. While preparing for this trip, I checked out photos from my very first time in Cebu in 2009.  And so, to see just how much I have changed and how “round” I have grown over the past […]

Yoshke is Evil: The Beef-Forcing Cashier

beef or pork evil siomai

This  is a part of the Yoshke is Evil series, in which I will narrate incidents where I thought I was inconsiderate, hateful or evil. This incident happened two years ago and I still can’t get this out of my head. Midnight. I had been studying for hours with a friend at Gloria Jean’s Café […]

This is the Part Where I Publish Some of Your Letters


I’ve been very unhappy lately. (But don’t worry Shy Guy fans, it’s not lovelife-related, hehe. That aspect of my life is perfect.) One of the reasons is that my sister was diagnosed with a certain growth in her liver. I’m reminded of the time my dad experienced the same thing until his liver finally took […]

Yoshke, The Dreamer

joseph the dreamer

One of the first books I received was a children’s bible. It was small, red, and a little too thin for a bible. Of course, as a kid the first thing I did upon receiving it was scan it and see the pictures. On every page was an image and a short story. My uber-Catholic […]

The Jologs Factor


I remember this one time I was having a few rounds of beer with my friends Jon and Marck somewhere in Metrowalk when the conversation suddenly made a sharp curve onto “Jologs Avenue.” I was shocked but delighted to learn that they had a jologs side, too. And it made me wonder if my friend […]

How My Friends See Me II: Mastering Vanilla Sex?

What’s wrong with my friends? They’ve been so very imaginative lately; they’re accusing me of things. Things that are, well, pretty amusing. Very recently, they, albeit separately, came up with an interesting theory. More like a guess, actually. ROBIN While malling. A few months ago. Robin: I kinda miss the “bossy” you. Yoshke: Hey, I […]