Top 10 Weirdest Animal Mating Rituals


Yesterday, Valentine’s Day. This month, Love Month. Gaaawd, it’s mating season once again. My supposedly 1.5-hour travel time from Makati to Lemery, Batangas became 4.5 hours last night! I was stuck in traffic in Tagaytay for more than three fuckin’ hours! And when I say fuckin’ hours, I mean fuckin’ hours. There are too many […]

How My Friends See Me II: Mastering Vanilla Sex?

What’s wrong with my friends? They’ve been so very imaginative lately; they’re accusing me of things. Things that are, well, pretty amusing. Very recently, they, albeit separately, came up with an interesting theory. More like a guess, actually. ROBIN While malling. A few months ago. Robin: I kinda miss the “bossy” you. Yoshke: Hey, I […]