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Maxine Casaclang


When I woke up, I found her driving the car downhill. My friend Maxine and I came from another friend’s wedding, where I had too much to drink. On the way to the hotel, I passed out, leaving Max on her own, navigating around an unfamiliar territory at midnight. “Where are we going?” I asked,…

Fridge Magnet Souvenirs

Turning It Around

After being conned by a taxi driver, we felt like our mood was dampened a little bit. It just left a bitter taste, you know. But when we were looking for souvenirs (to give to friends), we stumbled upon this small shop manned by this guy. His items were half the price of the others.…

2015 Travel Moments

Top 10 Travel Moments of 2015

I’m writing this in between shivers. Inside this heaterless apartment in Tokyo, the winter cold offers itself as the perfect excuse from not doing anything at all. But it’s the last day of 2015 and the heat coming from my laptop provides the badly-needed warmth. Just like the mountain of blanket that buries me, my…

Top Travel Songs 2015

Top 20 Songs I Listened to During Travel in 2015

Nothing proves just how important music is to me than travel. I can’t imagine 12-hour bus rides and 5-hour airport layovers without it. Music makes trips more enjoyable, moments more memorable, and transfers more tolerable. It’s been a great year in music. From Taylor Swift’s surprising 1989 to Justin Bieber’s even more surprising Purpose to…



CARDWELL, Australia — The bus pulls over, and I am the first to jump out of it. It has been hours since our last stop. If internal organs could talk, my bladder would be throwing profanities at me, and my stomach would be hysterically begging for something to digest other than itself. Coming from Cairns,…


Smile, Mate!

DARWIN, Australia — I stop in my tracks for two things: the delicious scent of grilled chicken is becoming too difficult to ignore, and the sunset’s afterglow illuminating the night market is just too irresistible not to be captured. I take a deep breath, raise my camera, and work the shutter. When I put my…



GUILIN, China — I stretch my arm into the air to draw an imaginary river, but it is met with another highly baffled look by the woman in front of me. “Tour. Li River. Yangshuo,” I said while trying my darnedest to conceal my frustration. Spirit of Mulan, guide me. It has come down to…

Lost Need Direction

Trust Issues

BATANGAS, Philippines — I am staying at the porch of our Batangas home and pondering life’s complexities when a family van pulls over. The window rolls down and reveals the matriarch in the passenger seat. “We’re going to Manila,” she says. “Should we go straight?” “No,” I reply. “If you’re Manila-bound, turn right.” With that,…