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Places that I have visited / will visit and all the fun along the way.

Korean BBQ Night

10 Years, 1600 Miles

One lazy day in college, I was chillin’ at the Film lobby with batchmates when the College Secretary approached us. “I’m looking for volunteers,” she said. Apparently, exchange students from Korea had arrived way earlier than expected and so she could use some help. Bored af, I was first to raise a hand. Out of…

Australia Campfire

Safe Zone

“How do we keep the snakes away?” one of us finally speaks up after Nick, our tour guide, told us we would be sleeping on the ground. Good question. It is the first night of our camping tour across the middle of nowhere (aka the Australian Outback), and we are all surprised to find there…


Lost in the Middle of…

“Hey, take a picture of me here. I’m gonna pose like I’m lost.” “In the middle of the rocks?” “Yes.” “Lost in the middle of rocks?” “Your tone implies that it’s a ridiculous idea. People get lost in the middle of rocks all the time! Where are you from?” “Lost in the middle of r…”…


Twinkle in Her Eyes

BATANGAS, Philippines — Not too far from our house stands a small store, owned by a woman, a distant relative. I remember, on the way to school when I was a kid, she would always wave at me and try to convince me to buy something. She was always friendly and a bit talkative. She…

Yoshke with Dog

Winter Warmth

I’m usually scared of big dogs, so when this doggie here walked closer to me, I WAS TERRIFIED at first. I would move away, but he would follow. It wasn’t long until I realized what he was trying to do.

Yoshke Storm


“Do a superhero pose.” “Okay.” “WTF is that pose?” “Storm. Duh?” #AlamNa Photo taken in GOREME, Turkey.

Maxine Casaclang


TAGAYTAY, Philippines — When I woke up, I found her driving the car downhill. My friend Maxine and I came from another friend’s wedding, where I had too much to drink. On the way to the hotel, I passed out, leaving Max on her own, navigating around an unfamiliar territory at midnight. “Where are we…

Fridge Magnet Souvenirs

Turning It Around

ISTANBUL, Turkey — After being conned by a taxi driver, we felt like our mood was dampened a little bit. It just left a bitter taste, you know. But when we were looking for souvenirs (to give to friends), we stumbled upon this small shop manned by this guy. His items were half the price…