Top 10 Most Notorious Serial Killers

In any known culture, murder is considered a heinous crime. This is because human life is valued more than anything else in the world. Throughout history, however, we have seen countless serial killers and mass murderers rise and spread terror. They are often seen as heartless monsters who are incapable of seeing life as sacred.

Many of these serial killers commit murders one after another because of a mental illness or pure hatred and rage. Whatever their reasons are, they still manage to keep the attention of the public on them and mark their names on history. Here are the top 10 most notorious serial killers of all time.

Warning: graphic language and gruesome pictures below.


Real name: Gilles de Rais (France)
Murder count: 80 to 600

Gilles de Rais of France was a nobleman and a military captain in the army led by St. Joan of Arc. He was convicted of raping and killing dozens (or hundreds) of young children. Although he preferred boys, if circumstances required, he would make do with girls.

Surviving accounts narrate how Rais would lure young boys with blond hair and blue eyes to his residences. Then, he would sexually molest, torture and mutilate the poor kids. Most of the time, he would ejaculate over the body of the dying victim. He was not alone. He had accomplices helping him set up the heads of these kids so that they could judge who among these kids was the fairest.

Most of the bodies were burnt or buried and until now, the exact number of his victims is still unknown. However, it is placed between 80 and 200. Some think that it may even be as high as 600.


Real name: John Wayne Gacy (Chicago, Illinois, US, 1972 – 1978)
Murder count: more than 29

We know that clowns bring fun and joy to children. Well, one clown decided to prove us wrong. He brought terror, instead. Move over, JOKER. Hehe.

John Wayne Gacy is one of the most notorious killers in the history of America. He has two jobs. By day he was a business owner who loved to entertain children as Pogo the Clown.

But at night, he was a serial murderer, torturing and murdering kids. For six years, the bodies of his victims stacked up in the crawlspace of his home. Due to lack of space, he was forced to throw his next victims into the Des Plaines River.

He was finally caught when he let his last victim escape after a night of horrendous torture. When the police searched his house, they found 29 bodies piled up under the patio floor and in the crawlspace. In 1980, he was sentenced to death. In 1994, he was executed.


Real name: Andrew Phillip Cunanan (US, 1996-1997)
Murder count: 5

Andrew Cunanan murdered only five people but he was very infamous all over the world. This Filipino-American serial killer was listed on the Ten Most Wanted Fugitives of the FBI.

Cunanan always visited gay neighborhoods in San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Many of those he met described him as articulate, intelligent and charming. He was also said to have extreme sexual tastes and sadomasochistic inclination. Most of all, he was also very handsome. And he put this asset of his to evil use.

Unlike most serial killers who pick up their victims in the streets, Cunanan eyed the rich and the famous. Yes, he killed only five people but these people were SOME people. And he managed to kill them in a three-month cross country trip. His first victim was a former US Naval Officer, Jeffrey Trail. Architect David Madson came next. The next to meet his demise in Cunanan’s hands was Lee Miglin, a real estate developer. He then killed William Reese, a cemetery caretaker, for his truck. And his fifth and final victim — Gianni Versace, a billionaire fashion designer. Because Cunanan was reported to be working as a prostitute, the media speculated that four of his victims were actually his clients.

There was a national manhunt for Cunanan. Before being captured, however, he committed suicide in a Miami houseboat.


Real name: Andrei Chikatilo (Rostov, Russia, 1978 – 1990)
Murder count: 52 murders

Nicknamed “The Butcher of Rostov,? Andrei Chikatilo was a Ukranian murderer convicted of the murder of 53 children and women in a span of 12 years. He started his killing spree when he moved to Shakhty, a small mining town, in 1978. He lured a nine-year-old to an abandoned house he had bought secretly and tried to rape her. The kid struggled and it made Chikatilo stab her to death. He ejaculated while knifing the child.

Since then, he developed an obsession to achieving sexual arousal and orgasm by children and women. He used alcohol and money to attract adult female prostitutes and toys and candies to lure children of both sexes. Then, they would go to a forest and it would be the place for accomplishing his sinful desires. He would attempt to rape his victims but unfortunately, he would fail to have an erection. Out of frustration, the guy would just kill them.

He murdered nine people in 1988 and another nine in 1990. He was finally caught when he approached kids whilst under surveillance. He was found guilty of 52 murders and sentenced to death for every offence. He was put to death by firing squad on February 14, 1994. Sweet Valentine’s.


Real name: Theodore Bundy
Murder count: at least 36

In the 1970s, when people heard the word “murder,? Theodore Bundy would be the first to come to mind. Often called “The Poster Boy of Serial Killers,? Ted Bundy was indeed a poster boy. He was very handsome and intelligent. In fact, he was a consistent honor student. He was popular in school and seen as very fashionable and well-mannered. He was terribly timid. He was not known as someone that would be capable of hurting a fly.

What fuelled his drive to heinously slaughter women could be the fact that he was made to believe that his mother was an older sister and that his grandparents were his real parents. It is said that love was to blame for his rage. In college, he fell in love. He loved the woman very much that he wanted to marry her. However, the woman felt that he was not the right guy for her. A breakup followed and it changed everything in Ted’s life forever. The completely heartbroken and devastated Ted felt extreme anger against all the women in the world.

Ted went on a slaughter spree in the states of Utah, Oregon and Washington. He would strangle and mutilate his victims. Worse, he would display their heads in his apartment like pieces of art. And what would he do with the body? He would sleep with it until decomposition made it unbearable. At the age of 43, he was executed in the electric chair after confessing to 36 murders. Some claim there could have been more.

Ted Bundy after the execution


Real name: Herman Webster Mudgett (Chicago, Illinois, US, 1887-1895)
Murder count: Unknown

Another handsome and charming monster, Herman Mudgett, more commonly known as H. H. Holmes, was a swindler. He would fool people with his various scams including cures for alcoholism, a machine producing natural gas from water and many others.

But his biggest scam took place when he killed the owner of the pharmacy he was working at and eventually claimed ownership. Now that he had capital, he built a hotel for tourists that would be visiting the White City of the famous World’s Fair. But it wasn’t just a hotel. It was a murder castle.

The three-storey building, with peculiar shapes at odd angles, contained more than 60 rooms. During the construction, Holmes kept terminating workers to keep the full design of the hotel secret. Inside, there were secret passages, trap doors, hidden stairs and many other weird features.

During the fair, many tourists checked in at the hotel. But they would be locked for months. Many were killed when Holmes turned on blowtorch devices while they were lying in bed. Others died of suffocation. The basement of the hotel was equipped with a dissecting table and a crematorium. In four years time, more than 50 victims were believed to have perished at the murder castle.


Real name: Albert Fish (New York City, 1934)
Murder count: unknown

If you think no one can be more deranged than the fictional Silence of the Lambs character Hannibal Lecter, then you might have never heard of the man this character is based on — the notorious Albert Fish.

After posting his “Work Wanted? ad, Edward Budd was very happy that someone finally answered — Albert Fish. Budd was delighted to hear that Fish was offering him a job outside the city. Fish made several visits to Budd and his family and eventually earned their trust. One day, Fish offered to take Budd’s 10-year old sister Grace to his niece’s party and the family agreed.

There was no party.

Instead, there was a feast — a gruesome kind. Fish took the poor girl to his house in Westchester County, New York. He stripped himself naked and then strangled the girl. But it did not end there. He beheaded Grace and dismembered her using a meat cleaver. Then, he cooked her meat and other body parts into a devilish stew complete with onions and carrots. Afterwards, he indulged his taste and consumed the girl fiendishly down to the last juicy morsel.

For six years, the case was not solved until an anonymous letter came to the Budd family, saying:

“I choked her to death, then cut her in small pieces so I could take my meat to my rooms. Cook and eat it. How sweet and tender her little ass was roasted in the oven. It took me 9 days to eat her entire body.?

When traced who sent it, the investigation was pointed to an apartment unit in New York owned by Fish. He was arrested. He admitted molesting more than 400 kids in 20 years. He remains one of the oldest criminals executed in the electric chair ever.

Yes, truth is definitely stranger (and much more gruesome) than fiction.


Real name: Pedro Alonso Lopez (Peru and Ecuador, — to 1980)
Murder count: more than 300

If numbers are the only basis, Pedro Alonso Lopez is indeed THE monster. Considered one of the most murder-hungry serial killers of all time, “the monster of Andes? killed around 350 women and children. Of this number, 100 are tribal women in Peru.

Born in Tolmia, Colombia in 1949, Lopez was seventh of 13 children. When he was eight, he was caught touching his sister’s breasts by his mother and got kicked out of the house. Staying on the violent streets of a country in turmoil, he was picked up by a man who offered him a safe home. He went with the man but was taken to an abandoned building instead, where he was sodomized repeatedly. During the sexual assaults, he promised himself that he would do the same abuse to as many girfls that he could. And to Lopez, promises must not be broken.

He went back to the streets, begging for food. An American couple noticed and took pity on him. They gave him shelter and sent him to a school for the orphans, where a teacher molested him. Because of this, he ran away again back to the violent streets where he committed all sorts of petty crimes. He was jailed when he was 18 and was gang-raped by four inmates. The rage inside him burnt more violently that he vowed never to be violated again. He killed three of the four prisoners who had raped him and spent more time in prison.

When he was released from prison in 1978, he moved to Peru and started abducting young girls. He would calm them with reassuring words all through the night. At dawn, he would rape them and strangle them as he looked at their eyes as they die. He only killed in the day time so that he could see their eyes clearly. He even had tea parties and play morbid games with the bodies of the children. The murders where only discovered when a flood revealed the bodies of the victims he buried.

When he was captured, he admitted killing more than 100 children in Peru, another 100 in Colombia and 110 in Ecuador. He also boasted that he would not hesitate to kill more if he walked the streets again. After 20 years in prison, he was brought back to the Colombian border and was released. Whatever happened to this monster is unknown.


Real name: Unknown (California, 1968 – 1970)
Murder count: 6

“This is the Zodiac speaking. School children make nice targets. I think I shall wipe out a school bus some morning. Just shoot out the front tire and pick off the kiddies as they come bouncing out.?

This is part of Zodiac’s letter to the San Francisco Chronicle during the height of his killings. Even before the recent Hollywood blockbuster, “Zodiac? had always been synonymous with murder. This is the pen name that a mysterious serial killer wanted to use. This cold-blooded murderer killed only six people but he created such a fuzz in the late 1960s because he always contacted the media and taunted the authorities for their failure to find him.

Victims were usually couples in isolated areas but there was one couple who were attacked in broad daylight.

Zodiac was fond of sending out letters to newspapers. These letters contained cryptograms, some of which are still not deciphered to this day. In these letters, the Zodiac claimed unsolved murders, gave away clues to the case and promised more bloodshed.

In December 1969, he was almost captured but he successfully made a getaway. Months and years have passed and the Zodiac continued sending letters to the press and then suddenly, it stopped. Until now, after almost four decades, the identity of the Zodiac remains a mystery.


Real name: Unknown (London, England, 1888)
Murder count: at least 5

Although his identity is not known to this day, Jack the Ripper is the most well-known serial killer in history. Mentioned in countless books and motion pictures and known in all parts of the world, Jack is indeed a legend. In fact, the Ripper is not just infamous; he is famous, too. He has developed a number of followings all over the globe. (Myself included, hehe.)

The Ripper was active in the highly impoverished Whitechapel area in London in 1888. He killed at least five women, all making a living as casual prostitutes. Some claim that he may have murdered up to nine. Aside from the fact that the police failed to discover his identity, what makes Jack very notorious was that he committed his murders in a gruesome manner IN PUBLIC PLACES. He would cut the throat of the victim and mutilate the body. Some of the victims were strangled so that they could be silenced. He would also remove the internal organs from the body of some victims, which made the officials think that the killer possessed surgical or anatomical knowledge.

Despite the many suspicions and accusations, no one was ever arrested for these murders. One hundred and twenty years later, Jack’s identity is still a mystery.

Serial killings are usually a product of a mental illness. These people feel their insatiable urge to kill because killing make them feel alive. Yes, the world may not be a very good place to live in for some people. However, whatever reason these serial killers had, it is surely not a reason to kill innocent souls. You can’t just make this world an awful place to live in for everyone just because it has been awful to you.


  1. grabe! tama lang talaga na si jack the reaper ang number one…xa ang pinakagruesome at hindi pa xa nahuhuli…kamusta naman ang pagtatanggal niya ng lamang loob.. waaa!!! dahil sa hindi na xa nahuli, some people think, esp. the skeptics, na myth lang c jack.. hays…

    • May i Just Say, That The Ripper Is Quite Smart To Have Avoided Police.
      Just To Tell You, The London Dungeon In…London…Is Very Awesome, It Says Alot About Jack The Ripper….But I Also Say That Sweeney Todd Should Be In There. He was a Sicko. He Made Flesh Pies Out Of His Victims In His barber Shop.

      • Ed gein is not a serial killer, he was a murderer, he only killed 2 people. In order to be a serial killer you must kill 3+ people

        • Dis list is alrite but seriously needs re edited. Like wat bout jeffrey dahmer. Im shocked dat he never made dis list cause he was evil re encarnated. Or alexander pichuskin or myra hindley and ian brady, BTK killer dennis rader, the green river killer. There r so many others that shud have been on dis list. And seriously whoever said sweeney todd go and punch urself several times in da face. Sweeney Todd is a fictional character. Made up. No exist. Its just a ghost story. Look it up dumb fucks. And i agree ed gein is not a serial killer. Yes he has inspired many films and da creation of characters but dats based on snippets of his actions like grave robbery, his strange relationship/obsession wit his mother and da body suit he was tryin to create from the bodies he stole from graves. Not realli his actual killings.

  2. SOB…gruesome! (but cool post) i always wanted to be a killer(but not as a spree but a profession..u know im kidding) i couldn’t imagine eating a girls ass as a roasted treat, yikes

  3. Cool facts!

    kaw pala ung yoshke na namention ni ron! hehe
    nice ng mga readings mo..

    mga psychopaths nga ang mga ganyan..
    tamang number1 si ripper.. gruesome nga ang killingspree nia, but
    he got great interest in human anatomy!

  4. hey you, your list is so…masculine. what about Countess Elizabeth Bathory who killed and tortured young women and supposedly bathed in their blood so that she could stay young/beautiful? haha. wala lang.

    • Ayn, meron kasi akong TOP 10 MOST EVIL WOMEN list. Watch out. Your Elizabeth Bathory almost swept the floor with all the women on it. Haha.

      Here’s an excerpt.

      Remembered as the Bloody Lady of Cachtice, Elizabeth Bathory was the most notorious serial killer in Slovak and Hungarian history. She was a Hungarian countess who was accused of torturing and murdering dozens of young girls. While the idea that she bathed in her victims’ blood is folklore, the accounts of mutilation and impalement are true.

      Bathory beat her victims to death; mutilated or burned their hands, faces and genitalia; bit flesh out of their faces and other body parts; and starved them to death. The total number of her victims is unknown but has always been thought to be in the hundreds.

      There. Haha. TOP 10 MOST EVIL WOMEN: Coming this September.
      Nagplug bigla! Haha

      • bwahahaha. eh serial killer din siya. kailangan ba may distinction? mas marami naman siyang pinatay kesa kay jack the ripper hehe, wala lang…though love ko naman rin ang mga kwento tungkol kay jack the ripper.

      • hindi naman kelangan may distinction. Kaya lang, when I wrote this list, I knew I’d be writing the Top10 Most Vicious Women. So hindi ko na lang sinali kasi mauulit si Bathory.

        By the way, pinapanood ko na ang Battlestar Galactica. OK naman so far. Kaso parang si Captain Lee Adama lang yung hot. Hahaha.

        • hot naman rin si Starbuck, si Helo and si Boomer and si Number Six (and I love President Roslin). Did you get the version with the miniseries or season 1 ka na nagstart?

        • meron ako pareho! hehe

          Yep, for some reason, very intriguing si President Roslin.

          Si Boomer, Number 6 at Helo, hot nga. Ayoko ke Starbuck e. Hehe. Gusto ko character nya pero hindi ako naha-hot-an.

      • She was sick as fuck at what she did. For a relative of mine. her blood line lives on and forever shall

  5. very informative! I like! I came across a book at Powerbooks tungkol sa mga unsolved murders ng mga rich and famous…wala lang narealize ko bakit super interested ako sa topic…hmm…

    Anyway, magkamukha yung 10 and 9 mo. Freakish.

  6. I can’t belive how many SICK MINDED PSCHYOPATHS were, and probably still ouththtere.It is very sad,they re sick people,but that does not mean they did not or do not deserve a panishment.I m a beliver if somewho takes away a human life wich there should not be a reason for it, thoes people deserve a punishment for life,in prison or a menthal instutution,or even some cases a death penalthy!They deserve it, and that is what they deserve.Because every victim has a family a friend,every victim is a mother, a daughter, or connected with someone.They can not speak for themselves, the justice system has to speak for them!About theese “famous serial pschyhopats,their crime is unspeakable, and I don’t even wasting a time on them!They are beyond the bottom of a society.Thanx for reading my comments.

  7. ” Oh My Goodness”….. Im a 16 year old and that scared the shit out of me all of it did. I cant even began to think how all thoese victams felt! like how there faces looked and the tears in there eys what was there last thoughts and of whom it was of…………this shit is sicking but im so intrested in it, its crazzy <3

    • im 13 and im laughing my ass of these people are genius human life is no more important than any other animal were no more intelligent just because we work in different ways these “killers” are only practicing a sport

      • Go fuck your daddys cock you narrow minded fuck. Considering that HUMANS are also ANIMALS.Of course you don’t know this since you are a ugly fatass and to give you a starter if you really want to become a
        “serial killer” you first start with your family, k? Then after you cut up your worthless family you go to your closet and proceed to kill yourself by one blow from your gun to your head.PLEASE do the World a favor and kill yourself so we won’t have any more sorry fucks like you that God regretted to make. 🙂 k so grow some balls kid you fat ugly fuck.

      • m 13 as well and i don’t acctually think that animal life and human life are just as important as anything else because god made everyone to help each other and look where that has gotten us now /).(\ and y is Lmfao dude really

  8. This site was great. I’m pretty interested in reading up on serial killers. It’s really sick and sad to hear people have to go down that path in life. I don’t know how anyone could be so cold hearted. I could never in my entire life kill someone no matter how pissed i was at them or anyone.. It’s just unbelievable how these people killed other people with out any guilt what so ever! And for someone to eat another person, especially a young girl, wow.. Wow.. that’s all i have to say..


    • Totally agree with all the opinions that you are saying. When you think about human life and what it means, it gives a lot of information to think about. Know I do find serial killers interesting because I wonder why they do those kind of horrible crimes and don’t even feel like their doing anything wrong. What I can say is that killing a life is one part of the fantasy, but they also have other parts of the fantasy to complete before they feel like they have done what they wanted to do. Anyway, really eating somone is the most horrid thing you could ever do..

  9. eh ilove reading up on this stuff. i dont relly care if its sick or not its very entertaining to read. sort of amusing that there are such physcopaths out there. even going as far as to eat a little girl. although i have heard that human meat tastes delish. not about to try it though. i remember wen i was only 7 i saw a documentary on the zodiac killer. i was scred but he only killed 6 ppl. but since he made such a stink about it it seemed like he had killed 50 and was only starting. then i thought “wut a foolish man he is. getting all the attention. hes gonna get caught.” but he didnt.. and now he has a movie based on him. sick bastard prolly saw it in the theaters along with the rest of the public.prolly smirked the whole time he watched it.

    • do you by any chance know why Ted was looking like he was yelling in court in the famous pic. of him? I have never heard how this was snapped. As far as I have read he was always a gentleman in the public eye.

  10. this is so sad how some of the killers lived there lives and were treated. it’s amazing how rage can effect a person. i have heard a lot about children who lived terrible lives because my mother worked in a group home. many of the kids were on there way to living lives such as these. i hope god can help the many ones on there way to this life. bless all.

  11. because of my fascination with the show Criminal Minds, i found this site. thanks it was a very nice, scary read

  12. they said.. that jack the ripper ….is totally unknown.. ..until now,,

    so wTH that they are so sure.. that the Ripper …is a man…


    • He Sent Letters To The Police, They Were All Signed Jack The Ripper.

      Answer To Chris ~~\/ Way Down There \/

    • all his victims were female prostitutes.
      And since this is 1880s England were talking about, I don’t think that Jack the Ripper would be a lesbian woman.

    • Hitler is actually not a serial killer. He did not commit the killings himself although I will agree that he was a disturbed man.

  13. funny how I seem to have that sense of horror and disgust, yet deep inside, I was greatly fascinated by the murder castle..

    One more thing, I am very friendly to visitors at home, and I’ve had a couple of online friends come over to the house…….

    • these people were disturbed’ u can b a serial killer and not eat people and make them into lamps’ or bath in there blood’ how about killing heroin dealers, pedafiles,rats,snakes,back-stabbers,shit -talkers…id say the count is about 370 as of now! alot more 2-go untill i reach number one which is sopose 2-b 600′ but thats far fetched’

  14. What about Countess Elizabeth Báthory ? She should be on the list.

    She is possibly the most prolific female serial killer in history and is remembered as the “Blood Countess” and as the “Bloody Lady of Čachtice”, after the castle near Tren?ín in the then Kingdom of Hungary, today’s Slovakia, where she spent most of her adult life. After her husband’s death, she and four collaborators were accused of torturing and killing hundreds of girls and young women, with one witness attributing to them over 600 victims, though the number for which she was convicted was 80. In 1610, she was imprisoned in the Csejte Castle, where she remained bricked in a set of rooms until her death four years later.

  15. for me, albert fish is the worst of the ten..grabe naman sya,ginawa nyang baboy yung bata.. mabait sa pamilya ng bata nung una..tapos sa huli, kakatayin?!! how could he be so heartless??

    ps. interesting tong version mo ng ‘ang pinaka’ hehe..

  16. Interesting post, yet it sickend me to know people would go as far as to torture children for there familys mistakes and theres. Really guys if you want to take a human biengs life away, you might as well start with yours. Children are innocent creatures and to know some of these worthless fat fucks would kill them for there own amusment and pleasure makes me sad to be human. I’m a mother and if ANYBODY harmed or killed my child, I would not rest until I see there balls bieng chopped up or they die a very PAINFUL death, unless of course I get a hold of them. They’ll cry to me to kill them already 🙂

    • Charles Manson may be a legend but that doesn’t make him a serial killer. He never actually killed anyone. He had amazing powers of persuasion. His ability to brain wash people didn’t make him a serial killer. I don’t think that he belongs on this list. It would be giving him more infamy credit than he deserves

  17. I like how everyone is saying how sick these people were,I agree they were a bit sick, but they were incredibly smart to avoid the police for that long.

  18. #10 should be # 1. Just read the full description of what he did on listverse. In fact, I’ll just copy and paste it right here

    According to surviving accounts, Rais lured children, mainly young boys who were blond haired and blue eyed (as he had been as a child), to his residences, and raped, tortured and mutilated them, often ejaculating, perhaps via masturbation, over the dying victim. He and his accomplices would then set up the severed heads of the children in order to judge which was the most fair. The precise number of Rais’s victims is not known, as most of the bodies were burned or buried. The number of murders is generally placed between 80 and 200; a few have conjectured numbers upwards of 600. The victims ranged in age from six to eighteen and included both sexes. Although Rais preferred boys, he would make do with young girls if circumstances required.

    At the transcript of the trial, one of Gilles servants Henriet (an accomplice to his crimes) described the actions of his master, which were essentially:

    Henriet soon began to collect children for his master, and was present whilst he massacred them. They were murdered invariably in one room at Machecoul. The marshal used to bathe in their blood; he was fond of making Gilles do Sillé, Pontou, or Henriet torture them, and he experienced intense pleasure in seeing them in their agonies. But his great passion was to welter in their blood. His servants would stab a child in the jugular vein, and let the blood squirt over him. The room was often steeped in blood. When the horrible deed was done, and the child was dead, the marshal would be filled with grief for what he had done, and would toss weeping and praying on a bed, or recite fervent prayers and litanies on his knees, whilst his servants washed the floor, and burned in the huge fireplace the bodies of the murdered children. With the bodies were burned the clothes and everything that had belonged to the little victims. An insupportable odour filled the room, but the Maréchal do Retz inhaled it with delight

  19. I gotta say I love the show criminal minds I am a huge crime buff and would love nothing more than to be a professional profiler!! This is a good list however there are a few that I feel would have made it before the others, EX: Dahmer, RTK, and the Boston Strangler I would have thought would have made the list but maybe I’m wrong like I said I would love to be able to say that I help put people like this away for good!!

  20. I think the people on the list are sick fucking individuals and if I had them here with me I’d shoot the whole lot of them because people like that shouldn’t be allowed to roam this earth .

  21. This thing is art serial killer are really talented and brave thats their gift the bad thing is that for us to know them people have to die

  22. I disagree with Hannibal Lecture being based on Albert Fish. Other than both being cannibals I don’t see much of a resemblance between the two. Thomas Harris did not talk much about who influenced him to create Hannibal but in 2013 mentioned he was based on a Mexican physician who also was a serial murderer. Albert Fish was one of the most disturbed killers in the history of killers not just for killing or cannibalism, but he also stuck metal rods in his own scrotum. He clearly was not there on so many more levels.

    Now Hannibal Lecture is a highly intelligent charismatic medical doctor and psychiatrist. He is used for his expertise of the psychotic mind to help catch murders before he, himself, is discovered and caught by Will Graham. He is also brings cannibalism to art form as he makes gourmet dishes out of human parts and serves them to his guest.
    I would say Albert Fish, although very psychotic and a cannibal, is not the inspiration that Hannibal Lecture is based on.

  23. interesting article. It shows how can apparently normal looking people can turn into Monsters. I would like to nominate a serial killer Javed Iqbal from my side of the world. His story resembles a lot with THE MONSTER OF ANDES. Javed was molested as a child and he for some reasons thought his revenge should be doing the same with 100 boys.. Here are few links about him

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