Mother Like No Other

So I spent my weekend with my family in Batangas. God, if you’re complaining it’s hot here in Manila, it’s way hotter over there. There was never a moment I didn’t agree with Thomas Edison that genius is 99% perspiration. Good thing there was too much food back there, I was always gorging on something — watermelons, green mangoes, buko, ice cream, name it.

It’d been a month since I last visited our house in Batangas but a lot had changed already. One of them was our living room.

My mom bought a sala set two months ago. She fell in love with these brown couches instantly when they dropped by a local furniture store that she bought it without thinking. Satisfied with her purchase, she went home and waited for arrival of her new sala set.

When the set was delivered, however, she realized it was too big for our living area. WAAAY TOO BIG. But she really wanted this set, so screw the little space we have! She did not bother to change her order. So we had a sala set bigger than our sala.

When I arrived, I immediately criticized her impulse buying stint and declared that our sala was officially ugly. Or as the promil kid would say it, “hideous.”

That was last month.

Last weekend when I arrived, I found our house newly renovated. The living area had been expanded and the front porch had been redesigned.

They could have just replaced the couches. But no. My mother had a portion of our house torn down and built again so it could accommodate the sala set she bought!

There was also a huge TV set in her room. But it’s not just a big TV, it was WAAAAY TOO BIG for her room. I asked how they were planning to live in that room with that giant TV occupying much of the space.

She answered, “Don’t worry. I’ll have my bedroom expanded.”

Oh Lord. What’s next?

Update: And yeah, Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Love ya to bits. 😀


  1. Wow.. You’re mom really likes big stuff, huh? And room expansion.. Things get bigger and bigger..

    I really miss the promil kid.. Hope to read new post regarding him..


  2. wow.. parang nanay ko lang, hilig din magpagawa ng bahay..hehe… gusto mag expand ng mag expand.. hmmm….

    hayaan mo na lang, yan ang magpapasaya sa kanya kaya pagbigyan mo na…

  3. wow ha.
    si mama din, just recently, iniba yung ayos ng sala.
    nagrereklamo na nga dahil cramped na space and she wanted to build a second floor.
    haha. 😀

  4. Good thing my mom loves gardening more than decorating our interiors.
    Sadly, yung mom mo pareho din saken. ha ha in charge of the interiors eh.

  5. ang lawak siguro ng lote niyo ano… expand ng expand o… mamaya hanggang sa kalsada mag-expand na rin. hakhak!

    hakhak! bale kami rin! ang ganda ganda naman kasi nung mga sala set kaso ang problema hindi naman kalakihan ang bahay namin. pero type na type talaga nila yung sala set kaya binili na! ayun!

    kawawang sala!

  6. Yoshke, yes, yes! It would be better if this comes out in the mainstream media. If you can, please tweet it, blog it, Facebook it, share it. Thanks for your support Yoshke.

    • ay, yan yung luma. hindi pa narerenovate yung nasa pic. hehehe. tsaka hindi lahat yan bahay namin ha. maliit lang bahay namin. mukha lang malaki. 😛

  7. you made me laughing! i just can imagine your facial expression when you pointed these things to your mother. i guess mothers, when all children have grown and find nothing else to do would really try to find something else to do like renovating the house and sometimes they just don’t renovate, they like to build their own palaces lol, imagine huge vases! lol

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