5 Interesting Holidays to Celebrate in February

February is the shortest month with only 28 days in common years and 29 in leap years but it’s surely not short of holidays. Each day of the month is a holiday celebrated in a part of the world. Some of these are familiar events that most countries observe while others are area-specific.

Also known as the “love month,? February has a day for everyone. It is also considered:

  • Black History Month
  • Snack Food Month
  • Children’s Dental Health Month
  • Responsible Pet Owner’s Month
  • American History Month

But the most celebrated event in February has got to be Valentine’s Day. In many parts of the world especially in the Americas and Europe, February 14 is a very special day on which lovers show their love for each other by offering confectionery, presenting flowers, sending greeting cards and spending the day together.

I was surprised when I entered the office and saw these pink and red decorations all over the place. Reminded me of Grade School. Hahaha

If you start seeing red heart-shaped decorations, figures of winged Cupid and women holding teddy bears everywhere, it must be Valentine’s Day. Expect long lines at the supermarket, sold out concerts and fully-booked restaurants on this day. Even hotels (and motels) are expected to be fully loaded with lovers.

If you’re still not convinced how crazy people are over Valentine’s Day, take a look at statistics. The US Greeting Card Association estimated that around ONE BILLION valentine cards are being sent on this day each year worldwide. This makes this holiday the second largest card-spending day of the year, after Christmas.

But if you’re just too tired of the Valentine season or if the mere thought of it depresses you, here are five more of the most interesting holidays in February.

5. Clean Up Your Computer Day (second Monday of February)

Most of us install programs and store files to our computers with heedless abandon. Who can blame us? Computers have incredibly huge storage capacity that we seldom, sometimes never, use. As we add more and more files through the years, we forget about them and let them consume some precious megabytes.

However, they can cause confusion during retrieval of other files. They may even slow down your system. Thus, Clean Up Your Computer Day was created. Probably started by a computer geek, this techie day is observed every second Monday of February. This day, people are expected to logically review their files and delete those that are unused or unnecessary.

4. Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day (February 11th)

Yes, spilled milk. This may sound absurd to you but this holiday reminds us of a very important lesson in life — each of us spills a little milk every now and then. This day recognizes that fact and tells us that we should not cry over what has been done. It’s a day to think positive, be positive and look on the bright side.

If you feel like you have been cursed lately and that you have been followed around by bad luck, thus the bad decisions you have made and freak accidents you have encountered, this day is for you. Get over your worries and find the silver lining in every dark cloud you meet.

3. Get a Different Name Day (February 13th)

Sad fact of life: we did not choose our name. Our parents bestowed it upon us when we were born. If you like your name, well, good for you. But if your parents had such a bad taste at the time of your birth, you may have found yourself suffering from the consequences of having a terrible name all your life.

If you have long loathed your name, February 13 is for you. It is on this day that we are allowed to change our names. Choose a name of your liking and tell your family and friends about it. Take advantage of this day because this privilege lasts only for 24 hours.

2. Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17th)

Here’s one more reason why you should choose the path of kindness and not of evil: when you’re kind, you have another holiday to celebrate. February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day.

So what happens throughout the day? Well, you know, people are encouraged to perform a number of random kind deeds. But to make this day extra-special, perform as many acts of kindness as you can. Any good deed will do. You can help an old woman cross the street, help a cat trapped on a tree, do the dishes, or stop making love with your best friend’s boyfriend. Some schools use this holiday as an educational event, promoting the value of kindness. Some organizations also use this day in promoting their cause. If there’s one day that you should cut off your horns, this is it.

1. Singles Awareness Day (February 14th)

Interestingly, the acronym for Singles Awareness Day is SAD. But whether singles around the world are sad or not, Singles Awareness Day is a reaction to Valentine’s Day by the people who are sick of the cheesiness and heavy commercialism of Valentine’s. Observed on February 14th,  SAD is the day for all singles to stand up, be proud and show that it is okay to be single. However, many choose to celebrate this on the 13th or the 15th.

On this day, they plan little get-togethers and exchange gifts with other single friends. While some singles send themselves flowers, others plan parties for other singles.

Yes, February may be short of a few days compared to other months. However, it is filled with so many interesting holidays that still makes this month as exciting as the others. Some of these holidays may be silly for some people but each of them serves an important purpose. Whether it’s a simple reminder to clean up your computer or an insistence to express your emotions, holidays in February are events to look forward to every year.


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