Beautiful Stranger

“Keep the hat,” suggested the Caucasian man standing next to me. I was looking at the mirror, trying to decide whether I should ditch the hat I was wearing that night. “You look great, don’t worry,” he complimented.

It wasn’t long until I noticed that he was handsome, sexy and — wait for it — shirtless. We were at the restroom of a bar in Boracay. Realizing how sleazy it appeared to have a conversation inside the restroom, I replied with a simple “Thank you” and walked away.

On our way out he asked me where I was from and I answered. He said, “Well, I live in Manila, too. But I’m from Paris.”

“Oh, you’re French!” I said smilingly. “I speak French un petit peu. Un petit petit peu.

He laughed. “Let’s hear it, then.”

“Nah. I only had 6 units of French in college and I’m severely intoxicated so I barely remember anything. Besides, I can only introduce myself in French.”

“Go give it a shot! Introduce yourself please and I’ll do the same.”

I learned that his name is Niko, that he’s 30 years old, that he has been living in Manila for a year and will be here for another six months, and that he was in Boracay with friends. He also shared with me the name of the hotel he was staying in. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I didn’t realize that we were already near the dance floor and that I had been spotted by fellow bloggers Doyzkie and Mica, who had been throwing me a judging ang-landi-landi-mo-puta-ka look yet oddly encouraging. Still, I bade sexy Niko goodbye and rejoined my friends and spent the rest of the evening with them.


  1. Bet ko talaga yung first guy with the winning smile!!!

    And yung waiter! Ang sarap sarap lang magpa-botbot shet shet shet. =))

    Ang laswa ko. K.

  2. LOL hahahaha nakakamiss yun! Pinag-usapan lang namin ni Ada this morning yung Boracay party time natin haha fun fun fun! I wasn’t really that worried with you drinking too much, pero kung may ginawa ka nang kahiya-hiya nun sampal talaga aabutin mo sa akin. #Tsarot!

    Dapat kinanta mo yung chorus ng Lady Marmalade sa kanya =))

  3. The guy in stilts in Univ Studios must be popular. My friend had me scan his pictures of his Singapore trip and he took a picture of that guy! 😀

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