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The Promil Kid and His Bull Story

Here’s a video of the Promil Kid, my nephew, narrating what he had just seen on Animal Planet. He found the show compelling and entertaining enough that he was so excited to share with me the whole story. It was about a bull and hmmm… Actually, that’s all I understood. All I heard was bull, bull, bull! I can only take so much bulls in a conversation. Somebody transcribe this thing and tell me what actually happened to the bull! Wahaha

What’s Up, Doc? Really, What’s Up?

This happened more than two years ago. But it’s still pretty clear in my head. June 2009. It was the time when I was constantly having serious digestion problems. Sometimes, my digestive system would not do its job dissolving food while other times, it would just overdo it. I finally had enough so I decided to see a doctor.

The Promil Kid’s Love-Hate Affair with iPod

One of the things my nephew, the Promil Kid, loved about me was that I had an iPod Touch. At the time, I would always let him play with it since I have an iPhone and we would only meet every month anyway so I figured, “What the hell? Here, play, go.” In fact, he spent more time with the iPod than me. Or even when we were together, he was still playing Angry Birds or Tap Tap Ants or Drop Chicken or whatever new game I had. So it wasn’t a surprise that whenever I would come home (every…

What Goes Around Comes a-Round

And I have come ’round. Like, really round. Last weekend, I was in Cebu for the fifth time. While preparing for this trip, I checked out photos from my very first time in Cebu in 2009.  And so, to see just how much I have changed and how “round” I have grown over the past two years, I decided to wear the same shirt and planned to have a pic taken at the same spot. And the result? I remember a conversation with a friend. Friend: Kung ikaw ay alak, ano ka? Yoshke: Ginebra. Bilog na bilog. WAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I WANT…

Akala Mo Lang Wala Nang SLUMBOOK, Pero Meron, Meron, MERON!

Once upon a time, I had a witty friend who had a witty idea. Her name was Tonet. “Yoshke, I have a brilliant concept for a business,” Tonet exclaimed. “Ano na namang kagagahan ‘yan?” I asked, knowing her history of kagagahan. “Let’s create a witty planner that will rival that of Starbucks,” my witty friend explained. “We will sell copies of it. It will be epic!” “Haynaku friend, I’m so busy with my full-time job. I don’t know where to find time to create a witty planner with you,” said I, who was trying to prove my buzzkill reputation right.…

Resentment Grows Heavier

When I was in college, every time I stepped on the weighing scale, I’d pray, “Dear God, sana tumaba-taba naman ako kahit konti.” Now, every time I do that I say, “OH GOD, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!” Dang it!  #MustLoseWeight

College Friends Bring On the Crazy!

I clearly remember how my friend Dohna attempted to start singing Tina Arena’s Burn with “Do you wanna be a fo…” and tried to get away with it by claiming she was about to say “forest,” not “foet.” And how she shared some words of wisdom, telling me that “sometimes we have to eat our friends in order to live and because they eat us too.” Well, Dohna is a college friend. And she’s not alone. There are a lot of people like her where she came from. Many of my college friends are hilariously epic. Meet Icang Icang is…

Sometimes We Burn to Live

Whenever I meet people for the first time, it always happens. When they start their sentence with “I hope you don’t mind me asking but,” I know they are going to ask about what happened to my left arm. Most of my online friends are not aware that I have a huge third-degree burn covering…