“Julia/Juliana” Random Scene 1

This is lifted from a screenplay I wrote with Tonet for a Hawaiian film. We were commissioned by a Filipino-American producer. It’s a romantic sci-fi musical tentatively titled “Julia/Juliana.? It is yet to be shot.

A little background. Michael is a white soldier. Juliana is his ex-wife who abandoned him. Julia is his new wife who looks, speaks, and acts almost exactly like Juliana. When Juliana decides to return and win back Michael’s heart, things get ugly. Julia leaves Michael and doesn’t want to be found. Anyway, this is just one scene.


At this time of the night with these crowds, it seems impossible to find JULIA. MICHAEL is acting desperately, asking anyone he comes across with.

JULIANA is doing the same.

MICHAEL breaks away from the crowd and approaches the shore. JULIANA comes running after him.

Mike! Mike!

MICHAEL does not budge. He stops walking. JULIANA finally catches up.

I’ve done everything but I really can’t find her.

That’s okay. Thank you.

JULIANA notices how this event saddens MICHAEL. For almost a minute, amidst the distant noise from the crowd, silence covers the shore.

You really love her, don’t you?

MICHAEL just looks at JULIANA and smiles.

I’m happy for you. But…

JULIANA seems to be very reluctant to complete her sentence.

But what?

But I can’t, I just, I just cant help but notice how similar we are. Juliana and me. I mean, for a while, I thought, you just love her because…

Because she reminds me of you.

Yeah, because she reminds you of me.

You know how sometimes, when something… or someone so dear to us just disappears, it’s hard to live again. So we find things… people to remind us of our loss, of what we had and let go.

And we begin to love the similaries of what is now and what used to be. But later on, those similarities just… they just disappear, too. All is left is how different now is.

And how special now is. And how beautiful now is.

And you can’t even remember what used to be.

JULIANA feels a little guilty. Teary-eyed. She smiles.

Well, I’ve changed.

MICHAEL finally looks at JULIANA in the eye.

Of course you have. You always do.
That smile, I used to see that all the time.
But eventually, it disappeared. It disappeared with you.
So I’m afraid to love that smile again.
Because I know, sooner or later, it’ll disappear again.

JULIANA looks away. A tear finally falls from her eye. She wipes it off. Silence. Then she speaks again.

Well, what are we doing? We should be looking for Julia.

JULIANA walks away. Her heart, completely broken but completely happy for her ex-husband.



  1. nice… kaya lang bitin… well, good luck with that screenplay.. although I wonder kung paano naging scifi yung story… clone ba si juliana ni julia? anyway, i guess we’ll have to wait.. hehehe

  2. astig ah!
    it reminds of a scene sa isang movie pero yung 2 girls ay total opposite ng ugali. hehehe

    pwedeng pwede na screen writer at magaling sa research.
    todo talent na eto ah. hehe

  3. oo nga, ung 7 night stand…. hmmm…

    nice! ganda..

    uhm, may naiisip na ko kung ano si Julia and how is she related to Juliana, if in terms of scifi.. haha..

    malakas akong mag-imagine eh. hehe 😀

    cheers for Yoshke! 😀

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