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Slowing Down

When I was starting out, I was always excited about constantly moving. That’s why I worked so hard to become a full-time travel blogger in the first place — I ached for that freedom. It remains true most of the time. But these days, I also get excited by the prospect of just staying put.…

Push Back

Today I got into a heated exchange with a stranger at the mall. I was standing in front of the counter, when a man pushed me and mumbled “paharang-harang.” (“You’re blocking the way.”) The younger me would have shrugged it off and let it go to avoid confrontation. Instead, I called him out and said…

One Thing at a Time

FUKUOKA, 2018. In Japan, there is a saying that goes, “ikkai ichi dousa,” which translates to “one thing at a time.” I learned about this when I mentioned to a Japanese friend that I could count in one hand the locals I had seen eating while walking. “We take food seriously,” he said. When asked…


Whenever a friend — often, someone who is in Japan for the first time — posts a picture of a bowl of ICHIRAN ramen, I always find a comment that reads, “MEH, OVERRATED! There are better ramen places!”

Night at the Taxi Stand

SANTORINI, 2017. We arrived in the Greek town of Oia past 10pm. It was a cold, windy December evening, and because it’s off season, the village was as dormant as the volcano it overlooks. As in most destinations, we tried to find our booked room as soon as we got off the cab.

Square One

MALTA, 2017. The other week, for the first time in a long time, I watched the sunset from a plane. After 7 years of travel blogging, I had been so used to flying that its joy eventually got lost on me. Air travel had become an opportunity to catch more sleep. Most of the time,…

Travel & Cigarettes

Exactly two years ago, I put out my last cigarette. It was a habit I never imagined I would be able to kick, especially as a traveler. For almost a decade, I lit at least 10 sticks a day. Some days, when things got so stressful, I could finish an entire pack. My cigarettes were…

The Distraction

PARIS, 2016. Exactly 6 months ago. That day, instead of sightseeing, we decided to have breakfast with a local friend and just walk around aimlessly after. We kept our cameras in our bags and phones in our pockets, and enjoyed the city without worrying about blog posts. It was our rest day.