By Yoshke Dimen

2023 Top Travel Moments

Top 23 Travel Moments of 2023

Exhausted. That’s exactly how I felt upon arrival at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport coming from my last trip for the year. And what a year it had been! You see, the pandemic felt like a hard reset. For better or for worse, it changed the travel scene dramatically. I’m a travel blogger creating destination…

Top Songs 2023

Top 23 Most Played Songs of 2023

2023 has been my busiest travel year. So busy, in fact, that while I’m supposed to write about them, I honestly don’t know where to begin. I can’t even find time to think and come up with a good intro for this article. So without further ado, here are the 23 tracks that I listened…

Okayama Chocolate Grandpa

A Bright Soul in Okayama

Okayama City, Japan, November 2023. Vins was taking pics of me against the fiery autumn colors of the Korakuen Garden when a local grandpa showed up. Since we were blocking a narrow foot path, we immediately stopped to let him through. He motioned that we continue. Seemed like he wanted us to finish the shots…

Limassol Cyprus

Two Cypriot Chauffeurs

Limassol, Cyprus, 2023. DRIVER A When we arrived in Limassol, we booked a cab via BOLT, a ride-hailing app, to our hotel. When the cab arrived, the driver wasn’t very friendly at all. He didn’t assist us with our luggage. He told us to wear a mask before getting in. We’re always ready with masks…

Family Restaurant in Greece

Family Restaurant

ATHENS, Greece, May 2023. At one point in our 2019 Euro Trip, we had dinner at a small family restaurant in Athens, where we were served by a lovely old couple who were so good to us. We enjoyed that experience so much that this time, 4 years later, we returned and hoped to meet…

100K Subscribers Boracay


A Boracay-based follower invited us to her cafe for a drink and introduced us to some of her friends in the island. And when they noticed we were just a few subscribers short, they subscribed and we finally made it past 100K! 💙 Super pak na pahabol na birthday gift ng universe!

Vins in Taipei

No Byline, Pure Gratitude

As far as blogging duties go, Vins got the most thankless job. Much of his work happens behind the scenes. He handles all administrative tasks and takes on the responsibilities of a COO, treasurer, secretary, manager, and messenger. He also takes care or our SEO, making sure that we’re on top of Google search results.…