Job Requirement: Must Be in Your Right Mind

I’ve been trying to find a job online for a week now. The job I want is just something that can fill the gap between now and me-becoming-a-diplomat day. And being naturally picky, I am really having a tough time finding jobs which I think suit me, or at least interest me. Having a BA Film degree (which is under the Mass Communication umbrella ella ella eh eh eh hehehehe), the employers who are most likely to hire me are advertising agencies, production houses, TV networks, and movie outfits. However, I’ve tried all of them and I didn’t like them. Or if I did like them, the compensation wasn’t really likeable. Hehehe. And I don’t want a call centre job. And it’s too risky to set up my own business using the savings I got. So there’s only one place for me to go: the Academe. I love teaching, anyways. So why not? And I was glad to find sooo many schools looking for teachers or instructors. Most of them require a Master’s degree, but some don’t. So I composed an email with a good cover letter saying why they should hire me and that they could check out my attached resume, and sent that e-mail to a few prospects.

It’s been a week since I sent them and I was really worried not one of them gave me a call. I was already thinking:

“Am I really that incompetent? My resume is impressive, or is it really? Am I doomed? The employers don’t like me, or have no interest in me because, I don’t know, maybe I’m not good enough.”

I was really feeling terrible. So I decided to try again: send another e-mail. I opened my Sent Items folder so I could just forward my previous e-mail to another set of employers when I realized one stupid thing. One very stupid thing. I forgot to attach my resume to my previous e-mails.


Anyway, good news now. I sold one of the full-length screenplays I wrote when I was still in college to a Filipino-American independent producer. Yey! Finally, one of my scripts will become a film. They got the script at a pretty low price but I’m happy. I’m just a budding writer. It was the first full-length script I wrote, and it was just a class project. After all, not all scripts written for a class get produced for real. I told my professors back in college about it and they said I made a pretty good deal. Yey. I’m now a bit richer. Just a bit. Hehe.


  1. haha.. 🙂 yeah, there was one time when i was suppose to submit a project to my prof using her e-mail address and I forgot to attach my project. lolz. 😛

    congratulations on selling those screenplays! 🙂

  2. LOL @ forgetting to attatch your resume. Sounds like something I’d do.
    And go you! Make sure you tell us what the name of the film your screenplay gets turned into. Would it have anything to do with three heavenly Chrises by any chance? Haha. Just been reading your previous blog… =]

  3. I agree with dam-dam..

    that’s the dilema comes in, scripts should not be entrust to someone (director,producer or anyone) we are all different people, my interpretation might be different from them and vice versa, but the sad part is, they think they already bought your idea so they have all the rights to innovate or change it.. it’s really sad because it’s like stealing someone’s work of art.

    I must know because I’m a masscomm grad, and writing is my frustration..

    marami akong ideas.. tamad lang, hehehe

    I hope they’ll acknowledge your name as the writer when the film is done..

    • yep, they will. it’s stated on the contract. hehe. and it says there that i still have a say on any changes that they want to make. hindi naman ako papayag na hindi ma-credit. ehehehe.

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