Never Mess With Kids (Especially Promil Kids)


This happened more than a year ago, you can see the original post here. I was with my then 2-year old nephew in my mum’s room when I accidentally broke the lamp on the side table. Of course, the only witness was my dear nephew. So I decided to talk to him.

Yoshke: When they ask you who broke that, you say MIMI (name of his cat). Understand?
Nephew: *nod*
Yoshke: Yaya (the maid) forgot to close the door so Mimi entered, sat on the side table, and broke the lamp. Understand?
Nephew: *nod*
Yoshke: Who entered the room?
Nephew: Mimi!
Yoshke: Who sat on the side table?
Nephew: Mimi!
Yoshke: Who broke the lamp?
Nephew: Tito (Uncle)!
Yoshke: Who broke the lamp?
Nephew: Tito!
Yoshke: Mimi!
Nephew: Tito!

The poor kid did not have any chocolate for the rest of the day. Nyahahaha. Child abuse, anyone?

# # #


Last night, when I came home, I forgot to close the gate. My nephew, now 3, was playing on the porch.

Nephew: Tito! Close the gate! What if my ball went over there and I would fetch it. I might get hit by a car.
Yoshke: So don’t go out!
Nephew: But I’m a kid. I don’t know what I do.

Yeah, right. I shut the gate.

# # #


Most of the time, my nephew and I get along really well. And the times when there are chocolate bars in the fridge are not one of them. We always end up fighting about who gets what. And it’s agreed upon that Snickers bars are mine like it has always been. So a couple of months ago, when my nephew was throwing tantrums, I was pissed that he wanted my Snickers. I mean, whaaat? Those were mine.

But being a kid, of course, he could get away with it. And I was the one scolded for acting like a kid. But I’m sure you get me. Those bars were mine! Mine! Mine!

So when my nephew was climbing up the stairs to his room, displaying the bars of Snickers, mocking me (I was lying in the couch), I mumbled, “Oh God, please, do anything so I could have those Snickers. ANYTHING.”

Seconds later, my nephew coincidentally lost his balance and came crashing down the stairs. I was appalled and befuddled. My brother hurriedly approached my nephew and drove to the hospital.

I didn’t go with them to the hospital. When asked what happened, I couldn’t utter a word. I was feeling incredibly guilty. I was so worried and shocked. Besides, I really couldn’t talk because my mouth was full. Of Snickers bars. The bloody kid left them on the floor.


  1. Man, I am not sure whether to laugh at you being outwitted or feel sad for your nephew for his crash.

    You gotta admit one thing – you’ve got a smart kid for a nephew and he’s got an evil guy for an uncle. πŸ˜›

  2. HAHAHAHHA your nephew is so matalino ! LOL.. but like what everyone else is saying, yeah that’s very evil of you lol . i hope your nephew is ok

  3. UHM, EXCUSE ME EVERYONE. WHY ARE YOU ALL SAYING I’M EVIL!!! Ahaha. I just prayed. It’s not like I pushed him down the stairs! Hahaha. You see, God moves in mysterious ways. Hehehe.

    And don’t worry about my nephew. He’s OK. He got four stitches on his head. Just above the right side of his forehead. But he’s fine now. And as mischievous as ever.

    • “UHM, EXCUSE ME EVERYONE. WHY ARE YOU ALL SAYING I’M EVIL!!! Ahaha. I just prayed. It’s not like I pushed him down the stairs! Hahaha. You see, God moves in mysterious ways. Hehehe.”

      aaahh so si God ung tumulak sa kanya? heehee ^_^x

  4. Awww…. poor kid. πŸ™ wawa naman sya! four stitches? God! kawawa talaga.. cant blame you, snickers are too darn good to resist. He,he..

  5. “But I’m a kid. I don’t know what I do.”

    Ahaha! Sounds exactly like something my nephew would say πŸ˜›

    I do feel a bit sorry for the for falling down the stairs, but I’m glad that he’s fine. And that you got your Snickers πŸ˜€

  6. hala, is your pamangkin okay now? Kasi naman eh, sabi ng isang kanta, be careful what u wish for cuz u just might get it all! ako alam ko na yan, kasi nangyari na din saken yang nangyari sayo.. kaya kahti sa utak ko, hindi na ako nag wi wish. pero ala m ko din yung feeling mo wanting that chocolate bar… tapos it’s even harder for you kasi snickers yan. lol

    pero i really hope he’s okay! tsk tsk. better buy him a box of snickers bar next time.!!

    • actually, i did. After he was released from the hospital, I gave him a bunch of snickers.

      they say blood is thicker than water but CHOCOLATE is definitely thicker than blood. Worth fighting for. Hahaha

    • actually this is imjtk’s old layout. i just adopted this. hehe. coz i was too lazy to make my own. and besides, i really like this layout so i just adopted and didnt bother to make my own for this season. i just modified it a little. πŸ™‚

  7. I’m so sorry about your nephew! Glad he’s going to be okay. As bad as I feel for saying this, the whole thing is pretty funny.

  8. Haha, I know I shouldn’t laugh at the last thing you wrote but the last part about you and the snickers are hilarious!

    Blaming things on the cat is always good! Been there done that. πŸ˜‰

  9. Gotta love how the old Savage Garden song was right: Animals and children tell the truth they never lie. Which one is more human there’s a thought now you decide! =)

  10. that is called “divine intervention” hahaha!
    it means the snickers are truly yours. awww. i miss my snickers. πŸ™‚
    this promil kid entry made my day.

  11. Now I know why my friend told me that she wasn’t afraid of ghosts, rebels, gun men, gangstas and the like.

    Guess who she’s most afraid of? People who knows how to pray. I should too.

  12. As I am reading your blog now… I am starving for Snickers, I actually texted my bro to bring me some later as I run out of stocks. I actually keep a box of Snickers here in my room, for I am an addicted consumer of SNICKERS!

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