How to Survive Falling in Love Without Getting Hurt*

1. Draw the line first. Know where you stand and how far you could go.
2. Never expect. It’s bad for you.
3. Never assume. It’s bad for everyone.

Yun lang. 😉

*a repost, original published on my old blog


  1. I have to agree with the first point, but the other two are the hardest [to follow?].

    One will always assume and expect. Those two things are unavoidable.

    Besides, when you love it’s implied that you’re ready to risk getting hurt as well.

  2. i love it. however, almost always, even the most cautious of persons still do the expecting and assuming. human mind is designed to perceive, categorize, form reactions and generalize kasi (from the point of view of a psychologist).

    so hayun, ergo, nobody falls in love unscathed (kasi nga, you fall diba?!). hehe.

  3. My ex-girlfriend would agree on number 2. LOLOL I kid.

    Have to agree with Maki. You “fall” in love, so there’s no point of not being injured. Hmmmm?

  4. love never expects… it’s hope…

    hope is far more deeper than expectations.

    expectations destroy relationships.

    hope nurtures trust 🙂

    yun lang 🙂

  5. ahahaahaha.. homaygas…. anu bang nakain ko at napacomment ako d2? ahahahhahaha… well its my first tym kea im confident (Janina?!).. well, i have to agree with this shit.. ive been down everytime kc maxado akong nageexpect in return.. but it was wrong.. well thats lyf… u’ll never learn until youre nabagok.. ahahhahaa.. kita nlng kame sa next lyf.. awoo! awoo! P.S. Yoshke, i like ur website. im the co-worker of ur ex teacherm8 in korea.. teacherm8 (pauso wahahaaha).. her name is joanne rosales… she introduced me to your website and im having a great tym reading whats in here… la lng… english tapos tagalog?! asan ang consistency.. Wrong gramming pa ko… ahahhaha.. maxadong mhaba ito.. i hope mabasa ng madlang pilipinas at ng iba pang forms of lyf… xiao

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