‘7-Night Stand’ Random Scene 1

This is lifted from a screenplay I wrote for one of my college organizations. We were so prepared to shoot it but we had some problems. And by “problems,” I mean budget. It’s a romantic comedy tentatively called “7-Night Stand.” Anyway, this is just one scene.

34 EXT  ROOFTOP  –  Later that night

Marco and Nicole are on the rooftop. Lying on a mat on the floor. Next to each other. But with a foot distance between them. It’s almost midnight. The moon, their only light source. They have not said anything since the moment they reached the rooftop.

For the past few minutes, Nicole has been staring at Marco, who is staring at the moon. Her smile is uncertain.

Marco faces Nicole. Nicole turns her gaze to the moon.

Marco looks at Nicole intently. Marco smiles. It’s a genuine smile. Not even an ounce of bitterness to it.

Nicole  faces Marco. Marco turns his gaze to the moon.

Again, Nicole looks at Marco intently.

(eyes fixed on the moon; jokingly)
Tinititigan mo ako, ‘no?

Hindi ah. Baka ikaw.

Lalo namang hindi ako. Bakit naman kita tititigan?


Marco wants to steal a glance of Nicole again but he’s afraid she would catch him.
Nicole wants to steal a glance of Marco again but she’s afraid he would catch her.

Malamang naghihintay ka ng shooting star. Umamin ka.

Hindi ah, baka ikaw.

Eh mas lalong hindi ako.
Hindi naman ako ganun ka-naive para
maniwala sa mga shooting stars na ganyan.

Silence. Neither moves.

Suddenly, shooting stars start sparkling in the sky. Without thinking, they sit up and point their fingers to the meteors at the same time.

(sabay, excitedly)
Ayun! Shooting stars!

Surprised. Their embarrassed faces spell I did not just do that. They look at each other in the eye for one second. And, like reflex,  look away immediately.

They lie down on the mat again. Still with a foot distance between them. Their eyes fixed on the moon again. Both smiling. Genuinely.


    • may kasunod yan. i just won’t publish it. 😛

      it’s a full-blown screenplay. i decided to post random scenes from the scripts that ive written. 🙂

    • trew! Haha. Aminin natin, mahirap talaga isipan ng title ‘to.

      WHy not something like “Love Me Again (Land Down Under)”

      JOKE LANG. Wahahaha

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