The Pics Have the Answers

I’ve been wanting to write something lately but because the Typhoon Ondoy decided to be such a bitchass on the Philippines, priorities shifted and blogging just kissed the bottom of the list. (Btw, let’s continue helping the victims.)

Anyway, I realized that my last two entries on this blog are both very serious and very personal so I want to publish something light. I will post a storm-related entry one of these days, I just need to finish the article.

I was browsing through my pictures in my laptop when I stumbled upon old photos and screenshots. They say that a picture paints a thousand words. True, but wait there’s more. It’s also the easiest way to answer questions.

1. How good I am at bowling.

That’s four consecutive strikes, my dear friends. And one spare! (Yabang!) Just don’t ask me what happened after.

2. Why, for a moment, I was convinced God  is everywhere.

Imagine my surprise when this popped up on my screen. Apparently, it was just a friend named Jesus.

3. Just how badly Facebook needs translators.

4. Why I believe the adage: The past has a way of catching up on you.

5. Why my window is suddenly my bestfriend.


  1. wow. super tabi lang pala kayo ng edsa. i can imagine the noise. x.x

    panalo yung jesus. parang npc lang sya ah.

  2. i have a friend named Jesus. hehe..

    maganda ang view sa labas (lol) but i won’t survive sa area na yan. im a light sleeper and any amount of noise will wake me from my slumber.

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