3 Funny Call Videos on YouTube

What’s the last letter of the alphabet?

For one very special person in the world, it’s “Ek.” Move over, Z.

I stumbled upon this video on Facebook (a lot of my friends shared a link to this video). I was working, doing my usual Facebook monitoring and I decided to finally watch the video and find out exactly. Boy, I almost dried trying to hold my laughs. Seriously.

My favorite part, of course, was when they were going through the alphabet and they reached “Elemeno.” Also towards the end, “W X Y Z. And Ek.”

I’m not sure whether this is an actual call or somewhat fake but regardless, Kamakha Brekker, wherever you are, please give this guy a call.

After watching the video, I was reminded by another hilarious video on YouTube featuring 911 call by a little boy. Here it is:

Another amazing “call” video is this. A little girl saved her father’s life by calling 911.

YouTube is such a stress-buster. What am I gonna do without you, Youtube?


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