The Nerve: A Laundry Service Washout Story

Last month, I had my dirty clothes and two dirty bags picked up by a laundry shop staff. I gave a specific instruction that the bags had to be hand-washed.

A week later, I had my clothes and bags delivered. Shortly afterward, a delivery man knocked on my door with my newly washed clothes. I paid for the service and he handed me the receipt. But I noticed that the bags were not there so I courteously asked the guy. He looked shocked because he said, they did not give him the two bags. He offered to go back and check and he’d let me know.

Now, those two bags had been with me since college. One was a Jansport sling bag, which I used through my college years. The other, a Fila backpack, which my brother bought me in one of his trips abroad. The Jansport sling bag wasn’t really that valuable but the Fila backpack was. It was expensive and it was one of the few things my brother gave me. And not to mention, it was the only backpack I had since college.

Several minutes later, the delivery guy returned and apologized because he was told that they had not washed the bags yet.

Delivery guy: Sir, pasensya na daw po kasi nakalimutan daw po labhan. Kunin nyo na lang daw bukas.
Yoshke: Naku kuya, may flight ako bukas ng umaga. Kaya ko nga kinukuha ngayon kasi nage-empake ako.
Delivery guy: Pasensya na po, sir.
Yoshke: Sige kuya, okay lang. Kunin ko na lang pagdating ko.

I settled with borrowing my hubby’s backpack for my trip to Tacloban the next day.

Three days later, I needed to get the backpack again because I had a flight to Cebu the next morning. So I called the laundry shop and a woman answered.

Yoshke: Hello, eto po yung sa <insert address here>. Follow up ko lang po young 2 bags ko.
Laundry Lady: Ay sir, teka lang po ha, check ko po kung OK na.

(minutes later)

Laundry Lady
: Ay sir, hindi ko po makita eh. Wala po kasi yung naka-assign sa bags. Tawagan ko na lang po kayo pag dumating na sya.

She took my number and I waited for almost two hours. No call. So I called them up, instead. The same woman answered:

Yoshke: Miss, yung dalawang bags.
Laundry Lady: Ay sir, hindi pa daw po nalalabhan.
Yoshke: Kelan ko kaya makukuha yan?
Laundry Lady: Bukas po. Tawag na lang po kayo ulit bukas.

But the next day, I would be in Cebu. So again, I gave them a couple of days to get the job done. When I arrived from Cebu two days later, I called them again.

Yoshke: Hello, good morning. Ask ko lang kung OK na yung 2 bags ko. AKo yung tag <insert address here>.
Laundry Lady: Ay sir, sige po. Ipa-deliver ko na lang po.
Yoshke: Alright. Thanks.

So I waited yet again. It’s been almost three hours and no one arrived to deliver my bags. I was starting to get mad. I borrowed a bag for my trip to Tacloban and borrowed it again for my trip to Cebu, don’t tell me I still wouldn’t be able to use my own bags for my trip to San Pablo, Laguna?!!?!? So I called again.

Yoshke: Miss, it’s been three hours. Where are my bags?
Laundry Lady: Sir, sige po, papadeliver na po namin.

Several minutes later, a delivery guy finally arrived. Now, this was the first time I saw the delivery guy as it was not the same guy who used to pick up and deliver my clothes. He gave me a plastic bag where my bags were in and then left. I was brushing my teeth at the moment so I wasn’t able to check the bags right away. But when I did, I was shocked to see the Fila backpack completely RUINED. It was reduced to a bunch of squish-squooshed, tangled threads that resembled a bag. It couldn’t be used in any way other than a rag. Well, actually, it was even too messy for a rag. The only consolation was that it smelled good and that the other bag was fine. But damn.


I was devastated like someone just put my core in the washing machine and rattled it violently. Too bad the delivery guy was not there anymore; I had no one to rant to. Just when that thought entered my head, there was a knock on the door. It was the delivery guy.

And guess what. The delivery guy said to me, “Sir, hindi pa daw po kayo bayad. Kelangan nyo daw po bayaran muna.

And with that, someone whose backpack got destroyed exploded instantaneously.

Yoshke: Magbayad? Sigurado ka?
Delivery guy: Kelangan nyo daw po magbayad. Yun po ang sabi sa akin.
Yoshke: Una sa lahat, bayad na yan. Binayaran ko yan nung dineliver nyo yung kasama nyang mga damit last week pa. Eto ang resibo (whips out receipt).
Delivery guy: Wala pa daw po. Wag daw po ako umalis dito hanggat hindi pa kayo bayad.
Yoshke: &^&$^&#&&#^ (bleeeeep) *&#*&*&&^ (bleeeep) U&**#*^$^(*&#!&& (toot toot) *#Y6873e8&^$%. Gusto nyo ma-demanda?

The delivery guy left. A few minutes later, I received a call from the management apologizing for what happened. They clarified that I already paid and that there was just some miscommunication between them and the delivery guy and that they were sorry for the damage to my bag. They admitted that they machine-washed the bag and learned about the “handwash only” reminder too late.

I never went down to their office to complain but I sure am switching my laundry service provider.


  1. Yeah, you should complain and let them pay for the bag they destroyed. Sayang naman yung bag… may sentimental value pa naman sa’yo. Let them learn their lesson. Don’t let them just get away with it.

  2. i had some pretty bad laundry service experience in tacloban. Good thing hindi ka nagpalaba dun. I feel for you.

  3. You should’ve complained some more Yoshke. The bag’s literally useless. It’s like they let a wild animal rip it to shreds. Affected ako sa nangyari. LOL!

  4. ay shit! thats the first word came out from my mouth when I saw the picture of your precious bag. My gawd you should complain to their office and handed them tha rag (imean the bag). They should be responsible for that!

  5. Ay grabe.. sarap “sapukin” ni Kuya Delivery Guy.. Kinase! Super nanlaki ung mata ko nung nakita ko ung bag mo..
    Naku, kaya minsan takot na ko magpalaba sa mga laundry service providers na yan eh, nabubugbog ung mga gamit at damit ..

  6. OMG… kakagalit naman ng bongga yan. Kung ako yun I will not accept a simple sorry because the damage has been done. Also you need to be compensated, sana hindi nalang nila pinabayaran yung laundry wala bang ganung effort on their part?

  7. naiyak naman ako para sa bag mo pero i understand your point. nakakaawa rin ung nagwash, baka mawalan ng trabaho. pero nanikip ung dibdib ko dun! pero they should have also informed you agad na nasira nila ung phone mo and should have apologized right then and there, tsktsktsk

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