When I look back on our Euro trip last year, I find myself in Lisbon. I don’t know why. We didn’t tour much. We didn’t see much. And it was our second-to-last stop, so we were pretty exhausted at that point. We chose to just chill and take it slow.

But over the years I have found that it is the slow moments that we remember. Well, at least, for me. Now that we can’t travel, I have found that the memories that stand out the most are not of the sights or the views, but those in between. And we really took our time in Lisbon. We were supposed to move to Porto after a few days but decided to cancel it because we wanted to stay longer. (We planned on visiting Porto on another trip. Heard wonderful things about it, too!)

Of all the cities we visited last year, LISBON is our favorite. And of the 26 European countries we have set foot in so far, Portugal is definitely up there.

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