Family Restaurant

ATHENS, Greece, May 2023.

At one point in our 2019 Euro Trip, we had dinner at a small family restaurant in Athens, where we were served by a lovely old couple who were so good to us. We enjoyed that experience so much that this time, 4 years later, we returned and hoped to meet them again, only to find the place renovated and the couple no longer there. We asked the front of the house if they were still around. Her name was Z, and it turned out, she was their daughter.

Z shared with us that her parents built this restaurant together, ran it together, did everything together. And they loved meeting customers from around the world.

A couple of years ago, the dad passed away. It was sudden. In her grief, the mom wanted to close up shop. She couldn’t bear to be at the restaurant alone.

Z and her brother, who both had their own high-paying jobs, ultimately tried to save the restaurant by giving up their careers and working here instead. She said, “Our previous companies could survive the pandemic without us, no problem, but we couldn’t let our parents’ legacy just be erased.”

She shared with us their family’s journey over the past years with so much detail and emotion, there were no dry eyes by the time our dinner was over. Just one of the many unforgettable moments we had in Greece.

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