A Bright Soul in Okayama

Okayama City, Japan, November 2023. Vins was taking pics of me against the fiery autumn colors of the Korakuen Garden when a local grandpa showed up. Since we were blocking a narrow foot path, we immediately stopped to let him through. He motioned that we continue. Seemed like he wanted us to finish the shots first. He stood there and watched. When we were done, he smiled at us and went his merry way.

An hour later, while waiting for the bus back to Okayama Station, our paths crossed again.

“Hello!” he greeted, while handing us chocolates. “Where are you from?”


“I was once in Tagaytay!” But it had been a long time. “I’m 98 years old!”

Our bus was delayed, so we just kept talking the whole time about Okayama, his hometown, and Tagaytay. He also took photos of us and with us.

The warm hues of the foliage that day was vibrant enough but still no match to the bright presence of this grandpa. His name is Mr. Takazawa. Cute ni Lolo. Sana ganun din ako kalakas kapag 98 na ako!

Sarap din ng chocolate. 😊

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