Top 23 Most Played Songs of 2023

2023 has been my busiest travel year. So busy, in fact, that while I’m supposed to write about them, I honestly don’t know where to begin. I can’t even find time to think and come up with a good intro for this article. So without further ado, here are the 23 tracks that I listened to the most over the past twelve months.

23. Lee Ann Womack – I Hope You Dance
22. Stacey Ryan – Fall in Love Alone
21. Kim Petras – Coconuts
20. Dilaw – Uhaw
19. Mariah Carey – Honey
18. Lady Gaga – Bloody Mary
17. SOMMA, Jamis and Leo Stannard – Let It Bleed (feat. Hiisak)
16. Andrew Lambrou – Break a Broken Heart
15. Cacai Velasquez – Forever Blue
14. Charlie Puth – Left and Right (feat. Jungkook of BTS)
13. Lola Amour – Raining in Manila
12. Troye Sivan – RUSH
11. Kylie Minogue – Padam Padam

10. Lukas Graham – Love Someone

On repeat in: Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan

And you still look perfect as days go by
Even the worst ones, you make me smile
I’d stop the world if it gave us time

9. NewJeans – Ditto

On repeat in: Batangas and Manila

8. Miley Cyrus – Flowers

On repeat in: Spain, France, and Andorra

I didn’t wanna leave you
I didn’t wanna lie
Started to cry, but then remembered I
I can buy myself flowers

7. SB19 – Gento

On repeat in: Boracay and Bali

6. Loreen – Tattoo

On repeat in: Greece and Cyprus

7. Reiley – Breaking My Heart

On repeat in: Greece, Cyprus, Romania

If we could go back to the start
Bet we’d still be falling apart
I’m not scared to love you
But I’m scared of breaking my heart

4. Jimin – Like Crazy

On repeat in: Thailand

This will break me, this is gonna break me (break me)
No, don’t you wake me (wake me)
I wanna stay in this dream

3. Kristian Kostov – Beautiful Mess

On repeat in: Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia

2. Olivia Rodrigo – Vampire

On repeat in: Japan, Hong Kong, Macau

You said it was true love, but wouldn’t that be hard?
You can’t love anyone, ’cause that would mean you had a heart

1. JVKE – Golden Hour

On repeat in: Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia

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