Hollow Life

This is a (handwritten) journal entry I wrote on February 19 this year. I just came across this page and it’s just nice to look back into my thoughts:

It’s not that I lack dopamine right now because I swear my cigarettes make sure I get my daily dose, but I really feel empty. This is not one of my drama moments. I just feel there’s something missing in my life, or something I still haven’t got. And I need to have it badly. I don’t know what it is exactly — or what they are.

The problem with me is that I want so many things and I want to have them QUICK. I want to do many things. I want to achieve so many things. I want to be so many things. Not that it’s bad. But the thing is, all my plans pile up that I don’t know what to do first and I tend to forget some of them.

Oh well. I don’t know what to do anymore. And it doesn’t make me feel good.

There. And guess what? I still feel like this. Aaaargh.


    • sometimes. believe it or not pag kunyari nasa mall ako and nagmu-mumble ako na parang baliw habang naglalakad, english ako magisip. hahahaha

      yung handwritten journal ko kasi ay english din.

  1. everytime such things happen, three things come to my mind: 1) antidepressants, 2) hot showers, and 3) chocolate cakes. and suddenly, its not so bad. 🙂 cheer up yoshke. 🙂

  2. I had an entry just like this (too lazy to look it up), it’s not in my WP (gimikjunkie.com) it’s somewhere else. I linked an old blog entry from another blogsite to another one.. the date difference was big but i still felt the same from the first blog entry to the newer one. gets mo ba? ah.

    sorry if you still feel the same. para kang babae na nagp-PMS ah. heh. jaykay.

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