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Tateyama Sake Cup

What’s in a Sake Cup?

Got this in the mail a few months ago. It’s a Tateyama sake cup sent to us by a partner agency in Japan. Cute! Ngayon ko lang naalala ulit ‘to kasi may balita na magluluwag na ulit ang Japan, and gaaaah I can’t wait to return!

15 Years

This month marks the 15th year since I published my very first blog post. I wasn’t a traveler then, just a student with too much time in his hands to ramble about a whole lotta nothing. 😂 Back then, I would step into an internet shop, rent a computer, and just keep the keyboard clanking…


When I left my hometown and moved to Manila 17 years ago, I have changed addresses seven times. I always rented an apartment closer to the university or workplace. Today, we’re moving again. But it feels different. I moved in to my current home over 5 years ago. Since then, a lot of good things…

He had not even seen the sea.

He had not even seen the sea. Just last week I was planning a family trip to Palawan. I was excited that his first memories of the sea would be so beautiful, in El Nido, which would have been an upgrade from the plastic mini-pool that we set up at the back of our house.…

Still Burning

Just landed. At one point during the flight, I had a dream. I dreamed about the moment I burned when I was a kid.


Last night while watching neighbors welcome the New Year, I remembered something: I used to sell fireworks.


I’ve been staying at my mom’s house in Batangas for the holidays. The other night, I was having a drink with neighbors on their porch when they commented how things had changed around here. The main road in our village is now flanked with 2-story concrete houses. We spent most of our childhood within flimsy…


What caught his wayward attention was the pile of newspapers sitting on the bench on the porch of a neighbor’s house. He tore a page and made paper planes, sometimes stealing a line or two but not any longer for he did not understand senators and cabinet members (did they live inside cabinets?) and puppets…