Let’s Talk Pink

Everybody keeps noticing my light pink earphones lately. And they’ve been tormenting me, telling me so blatantly how GAY it is of me to actually own them.

Well, I AM gay. So, what’s their problem?! I don’t get it.

# # #

Last weekend I was with two of my close friends. When Girl (obviously, name changed to protect our friendship, hehe) showed up, my initial reaction was look at Boy. His face was just as sour as mine. We then smiled, almost laughing. It’s because of Girl’s get-up. Girl was wearing a violent pink top and a sky blue skirt. So when Girl went to the washroom, we finally had time to talk about it.

Boy said to me, “Tell her not to stand still or she’d look like an MMDA overpass. Tell her it’s horrendous! Tell her!”

“I can’t do that, ” I protested.

“Why not?”

“My parents raised me right! I only talk about a person behind her back.”

Boy displayed an odd look.

So I added, “It’s called ‘friendship.'”

# # #

Suddenly, I miss an ex-girlfriend. She loves pink. And she has a new boyfriend.

Uhm, I think it’s about time that I also get a boyfriend. Anyone? Hahaha.


  1. that last paragraph.. gave me a light headache. somehow “ex-girlfriend” and “get a boyfriend” in a single paragraph sounded weird. haha. peace, yoshke.

    onto world domination Ambassador Dimen!

    • im not really into world domination. i’m into WORLD PEACE. Hahahaha. Miss Congeniality lang, ganyan. But seriously. World peace over world domination. :)Salamat sa pagdaan ulit.

    • i wonder what you’d call damdam + gay + pink. Uhm, wow, i can’t even think of a phrase. that’d be too much.

      Even without “pink,” Damdam + gay = extreme redundancy already.

      ehehehehehe. 😛

  2. I looove this post yoshke. Super kaaliw. 🙂 but i guess you already knew that. Hehehe.

    That same thing happened everytime i use my pink razr in public/work/everywhere. Like hello?!? Tough guys wear pink kaya? But yeah, sometimes I have to admit its kind of redundant. Bakit ba? Eh i love my pink phone eh. 🙂 Hehehe. (Do any of you guys know where I could have it’s case replaced?) 🙂

    Compatible kaya ang isang nurse at isang “future UN ambassador?” 🙂 parang feel ko ding maghanap ng bf eh. Hahaha 🙂

      • @YOSHKE: Thanks yoshke! I’ve read it on the post too. I’m planning to study Spanish but not this soon. Probably early next year. I hope I could still contact her if I’m ready to enrol na. =) I think UST students/alumni could get a discount. Hahaha.
        ~Would it be absurd if I tell you that I spent my entire morning yesterday reading through most of your stuffs? The First Day of December, and your nephew talks are beautiful. The former almost brought me to tears. =( Tears, tears.
        ~Spanish first, then French. I prefer Mandarin than German though.

      • I so so so love reading your posts, kahit yung super archived na! As in. I had a great time and great is just an understatement. Parang kilalang-kilala na tuloy kita (just by reading at your previous entries). You write really well. (Na-touch ako kay Peter Pumpkin-Eater, kamusta na kaya cya?)

        OT: actually, there was a similar episode on greys about case#3. on the show, however, a penile piercing got caught in an intrauterine device. it was doubly painful though, but twice as fun.
        ~re#1, i don’t like santol that much, re#2, so i’ve heard, er read, that you’ve got the 4 dengue strains already. the virus was said to mutate every 5 years though, so be careful, and re#3, me too.

      • waaah. you really did read my past entries. waaah.

        ayan, nagba-backread tuloy ako right now. looking for embarrassing entries maybe. hahaha

    • if the nurse is willing to travel from one country to another EVERY 6-12 months, OR if he’s not, if the nurse is OK to see the ambassador at most twice a year, then….

      pffffft. haha. seryosohin daw ba? hahaha.

  3. ewan ko ba pero di ko hilig ang pink na kulay mas gusto ko ang fushia! joke! At bakit parang may labtim d2? hahaha!

  4. Well, I AM gay. So, what’s their problem?! I don’t get it.

    Haha yung site agad ni AJ ang naalala ko. LOL.

    Hehe ayus. Pinalaki ka ngang tama ng parents mo. LOL. =P

  5. Lol, I like your post, it made me giggle. That’s a pretty bad outfit though, I’ll admit. Ugh, people are so judgmental, so what if someone uses pink and IS gay, bah! I want pink headphones for my IPOD =D

    • bad is a major understatement, kris. Here in the Philippines we have infrastructures with the same colours, blue and pink. (yeah, it’s true.)

      my friend was right. it was “horrendous.”

  6. Speaking of pink, I bought a shirt yesterday that says “Tough Guys Wear Pink.” Nung nakita ng utol ko, unang hirit saken eh.

    “Kuya bumabakat yang utong mo, mag bra ka nga.”

    • wahahahaha. okay yang utol mo. haha

      andami ko ring pink shirts pero ayoko nung “Tough Guys Wear Pink” shirt, masyadong defensive. hehehe. tsaka andami nang may ganun.

  7. Just returning your comment. 🙂

    Pink headphones are cool. The white ones that came with my iPod died, so I bought blue ones on eBay for like a buck. They’re pretty cool.

    • actually, when i bought these pink earphones, there were only two kinds left: pink and white. and white was so ordinary, i thought. so i got the pink ones. hehe.

      thanks for dropping by.

  8. I likes me a man that can wear pink and love it. Even if they are headphones. 😉 😉 may I ask where you purchased them?

    By the way, I read your little about-me blurb at the top of the sidebar, and sat giggling for about five minutes. Ta for making my day 🙂

    • oh, i got it from a local mall. and I dont think you’d be flying from New Zealand to the Philippines just for pink earphones. ehehehe.

      And quite seriously, i dont know which part of my about-me-blurb could have made you giggle. hehehe

  9. Boy said to me, “Tell her not to stand still or she’d look like an MMDA overpass. Tell her it’s horrendous! Tell her!?

    Hmmm, Boy is funny and interesting. Straight ba? Lol!

  10. hi pink you are so cool i like your song so what that is so cool like you are so cool well i have to go pink i hope i get to met you

  11. HI my name is Jade and i have a friend named maddison and we are pinks fans and we think pink songs or the best songs ever we like all her songs like so what and all the other ones we love your songs pink what is you favret songs of pinks and maddison and i like to have peopel talk to us on the computer so talk to us any time you what to if i am not on line i will still come back on it just mean that i must of been a bit bissey and two more things what are your name and please wright back

  12. “My parents raised me right! I only talk about a person behind her back.?

    Boy displayed an odd look.

    So I added, “It’s called ‘friendship.’?

    Nice one yoshke! Now I am enjoying your site. I am also gay..that’s why I can relate to you! ahaha..

  13. i also love pink…cause m pagirl..i want to have phone a pink cases but i couldnt find one here.. just saw a pic in the net..and it did not say where can i purchase one..

    (note: i did not prefer to use lady in pink but still i love pink and it shows)

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