Never Have I Ever Regretted a Drink

Last Friday our team had a party at Lauren‘s place as a part of our semimonthly office gatherings. There were lotsa fun, food, and of course booze. Among my officemates, there were only a few people who knew about my sexuality — Bridget, who used to be my classmate in UP; Aika, who is also from UP; Chemae, who said she could be bisexual so I confessed to her, too; and Jon, a straight guy whom I volunteered the information to when we were having a drink two weeks ago. But I’m sure others had a clue. I mean, with all my YM status messages, it was pretty obvious. Perhaps, some were just afraid to ask.

Anyway, back to the party we had a drinking-slash-honesty game called “never-have-i-ever.” In this game, a player says a statement beginning with “never have I ever.” For example, “Never have I ever had sex.” All those who have had sex MUST drink. Then another player says another statement. It’s really a nice way to get drunk, hihi.

My officemates came up with statements like:

  • Never have I ever had flunked a Math subject. (I didn’t drink.)
  • Never have I ever slept at work. (I didn’t drink.)
  • Never have I ever been attracted to anyone in the office. (I didn’t drink.)
  • Never have I ever had sex in a public place. (I didn’t drink.)
  • Never have I ever had sex with a stranger. (I didn’t drink.)

I thought, Heck, when will I have to drink? And then came Chemae with her very provocative statement:

Never have I ever had sex with someone from the same sex.

I drank. Bottom’s up.

Wow. The reactions varied widely. Disbelief was painted on some of them. I heard a couple of oh-my-gawd’s. Some are shocked. Lauren kept yelling at me (more like cursing, really). Others weren’t surprised at all giving me an “I-knew-it” look. The ones who knew had a grin slashed on their faces. Their eyes glued to the man of the moment — ME.

I said defensively, “What? Whoever said I was straight?!”

Yep, I didn’t tell them about my sexual orientation but I never told them I was straight. Besides, they never asked. “Coming out” to them was not a good feeling. But it wasn’t bad, either. Until now, I’ve been thinking if I did the right thing. Sometimes I think that maybe I should’ve just kept it to myself and enjoy the idea of my colleagues thinking I’m straight. You know, some things are better left unsaid. But it was an honesty game. And I was just being honest.

My sexuality is something that I am not proud of, but I am not ashamed of, either. I don’t usually volunteer the information. I only tell a person when I’m asked. It was never an issue for me (unless when the person asking knows my family or is family).

So far, I still haven’t felt the aftermath of my honesty. That night, there was no tension or friction or discomfort or whatsoever. Heck, they were all drunk. Today that work resumes, I shall know.

One thing is for sure, though: I do not and will not regret the moment that I drank that glass of beer.

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  1. β€œWhat? Whoever said I was straight?!β€?>>> I said these same words last friday when asked if I had a girlfriend during our writer’s group get together with overflowing wine and all the old ladies in the group said “blah#x”. WTF, our group was already 5 months old yet they never knew my gender…In wine, there is truth!

  2. Agaw eksena ka talaga. Hahaha! Joke!
    Un nga eh, when you’re being honest, dun talaga nasashock mga tao. Smile ka na lang. πŸ™‚

  3. i love that game, really.

    I wish my friends and I could have that game.

    I also want to drink… and also, bottom’s up!

  4. comment deleted.

    Yoshke: Win, ulul. Hindi nila dapat malaman kung saan ko nakikita si Mr. Perfect kasi mabubuko ako. Hahaha. And for that, you have the honor of posting the first comment that I ever censored!!! Hehe.

  5. YEAHHH like you said it was an honesty game.. good job. At least now you’ve got nothing to hide from your co-workers/friends diba? And who care what they think! Basta happy ka, yun lang yun.

    I remember playing truth or dare and spin the bottle with my friends… and one of the players was my brother who used to so over protective of me… someoen asked if Im a virgin or not. I said I wasn’t. I was drunk. My bro was too drunk too to realize what I just said. Until now, he thinks I’m still the innocent lil sis he has. HAHAHA.

    Btw, I just noticed, u haven’t changed my link from gimikjunkie to itsnina. πŸ˜‰ THANKS a bunch

    • waaah. sorry, wala talaga akong time. by tomorrow, napalitan ko na link mo. salamat at napadaan ka ulit. πŸ™‚

      ambenta nung kwento mo tungkol sa kuya mo. haha

  6. Oooooh.. that honesty game also got me when my college mates and I had a small get together. HAHA!

    I actually hesitated, but what the heck I thought and I gulped down my shot. And yep, everyone was surprised.. the good thing was, they admired me for my honesty and the bad thing was.. I was hell drunk and I was puking all over the place. HAHA!

    It’s always fun to surprise people. πŸ™‚

  7. Aba yoshke, matapang na bata! πŸ™‚ Not really a fan of beer games, madali kasi akong malasing eh. I’m blaming my body’s lean mass to fat percentage. Hahaha.

    @coldman: ako din, virgin din me. πŸ˜‰


    Lumabas din.

    I say, you’re not being defensive. You’re stating fact. They neer asked you anyway. haha. ^_^

  9. haha what a unique way to come out.

    hmm i wanna play that game! ima suggest it to my friends… our thanksgiving dinner this year is gonna be exciting lol

  10. awkward ba? i didn’t mean to make you feel awkward kung ganon man yon. hehe. πŸ™‚

    it was fun! i love you ES! πŸ™‚

  11. While they gave me the shocked look, I would have said: “What? I’m thirsty!” lol =) I’m proud of you yoshke, iwagayway ang bandila! =P

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