Yet Another Promil Kid Attack

Utterly famished, I went straight to the kitchen swearing that I would gorge on the first food that I would see. I rummaged through the refrigerator and found a pack of jumbo Tender Juicy hotdogs. I grabbed a pan, greased it, and cooked the lovely hotdogs sending a greatly delightful smell up to my room where my 3-year old nephew was staying.

Soon after, I heard my nephew’s footsteps as he ran down the stairs.

“Tito, are those my hotdogs?” He asked.


“You’re bad. You didn’t tell me you would cook my hotdogs. Those are mine. I hate you. You didn’t ask for my permission.”

“Oh okay. Sorry.”

He just stood at the kitchen door. Not feeling guilty whatsoever, I just continued cooking his hotdogs. After minutes, I noticed that he was still standing there looking at me. I began feeling uncomfortable. I looked at him again, and he was still giving me that I-hate-you look. No, it was the I-really-hate-you look.

So, out of total discomfort, I faced him and said sarcastically, “Fine. Can I have some of your hotdogs?”

He answered, “Sure.” Then, he ran upstairs back to my room.

Ampotah, ganun lang pala kadali kausap yun?

# # #

My sister bought my nephew a full Batman costume for the Halloween. That’s one of my major influences on him. He doesn’t like Superman or Spiderman, he adores Batman. And that’s nice.

He excitedly grabbed the costume and wore it right away. We were pleased to see that it fit him perfectly. However, he did not want to take it off. It would’ve been nice but it happened two weeks before the Halloween. But since he was throwing tantrums every time we would mention taking it off, we just let him play around in that fancy Batman costume with some kids in the neighborhood.

Ignoring the heat and the sultry atmosphere, he wore that costume all day long. He was really in love with it that even when he had dinner and watched his favorite cartoon shows, he was still wearing it. Finally, bedtime. He still wouldn’t take it off.

So I said, “You know what? Since you like pretending to be Batman, why don’t you sleep upside down with your feet glued to the ceiling?”

He pouted and answered, “Tito, I’m Batman. I’m not a bat.”

Tama nga naman.



  1. Can you get me a Batman costume as well? I really like Batman, so you know. 😀

    And if I were Promil Kid, I would do the same thing.

    • WAG KA NGA! hhaahaha.

      ganito na lang, for sure, magsasawa rn yung nephew ko. bihay ko sayo after. haha. youre not into hand-me-downs? uh, problema yun. hahaha. hindi rin kasya.

  2. when i was young-er, i used to think i’m batman, tapos naging si blue ranger ng power rangers…
    hanggang maging si poison ivy 🙂

    weird din ang life no? hahaha

  3. I can’t believe I am getting these memories of Tender Juicy hotdogs…. That’s a brand name right? I left the Philippines when I was young and never had a memory pop up about it until now.

    It’s just so bizarre.

    • unfortunately, no. i used to. but since i adopted this theme, every time i activate that plugin, the layout gets completely f*cked up. hihi

  4. hey ES! Jonats here (GE na journ with prof khan, remember?). just saying hi and stumbled upon your blog. am impressed with your top movies of all time list–though i didnt get to see which is ur top 1. hope ur doing fine.

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